Mehndi is a temperary tattoo using henna. Its not the exact same stuff you use to die your hair with, though. I'm just a beginner at mehndi, all the pictures I have are from other website, which I have in my "Links" section. If you're intrested in mehndi, defintaly go to those web pages. First, check to see if you are allergic to the henna paste. Most people aren't allergic to the actual henna, but the rest of the stuff in the paste. The henna paste I make is very basic, a lot of other people will have much more ingredents, but I find this works good enough for me. If you buy your henna supplies from body art supply on the internet, they will give you this recipe free. Put about 2 tablespoons of henna in a glass, ceramic, or plastic bowl Mix in enough lemon juice(strained)to make the henna the consistency of cookie dough Add in about 10 drops of mehndi oil(that might not be absulotly necessary) Wait 20 minutes(seal the container) Add in enough dark coffee or tea until the henna looks like a toothpaste consistancy Seal and leave overnight, if you are really impatient, 3-5 hours

Putting the henna in its applicator and designing

(the above picture, is a picture by Rupal Pinto, the other two are by Jane Dominguez) Now put the henna in its applicator. You can use the cone method or a bottle. The cone is harder to learn to use, but the bottle will make your hand sore. If you want to do this proffessonaily, learn to use the cone, its worth the effort. The design. You can use a stencil, or you can do it freehand, and make up your own design. Or even copy one out of a book. I've never used stencils, and trust me, the feeling you get knowing that you did the design by yourself is wonderful. But if you really want to use a stencil go ahead, I made a lot of mistakes that I had to live with for weeks. With a stencil, that probally won't happen.

Doing the design

Before you start applying the henna to your skin, you need to make lemon juice. I am not good at making lemon juice, so for your sake, go to a differant web-site to learn about that. Still, before you start drawing, get out enough cotton balls to cover the area you are painting when you are finished. You will also need cling wrap, and tape helps. Unroll the cotton balls, so that they are in strips, and then you can do your design. After you've done the design and the lemon juice it is time to wrap.


You can aviod all this "wrapping" hassle if you buy a product called "New-Skin". I've never used it, so I can't tell you anything about it, sorry. Take the cotton strips and lay them over the designed areas and tape them down if you have to. After you've got that all done, get the cling wrap and wrap it around whatever you did. Now take a hairdryer and shrink it so it is a little tighter. Now all you do is wait for at least 8 hours MINIMUM. Try to leave it on longer, remember do not use whatever you painted. Ex, your hand, act like it is physically impossible for you to use it. After an appropriate time, scrape off the henna and try not to let it get wet, so it will darken even more in the next 48hrs. Thats about it.

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