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Page 10 of our Adventures

 Very touching so far!!  


A brief case of one of the World Trade Center Survivors who left this behind on the 103rd floor office and later found intact among the debris.  

Floor numbers from an elevator found in the rubble.  


Elevator Emergency Instruction Panel Found in the rubble.   

Squeeze Handle used by six men to escape from a World Trade Center Elevator on September 11.

Some Memento's found in the rubble of the Pentagon. 




Television monitor recovered from the offices Navy Command Center at the Pentagon. Staff members were watching live news coverage of the World Trade Center Attacks. When a plane Struck the building. Many of the Navy personnel  killed on September 11 worked in the command center, which was located in the D-ring near the impact site. 

Soot stained panel from the aircraft-rescue firefighting vehicle operated by Fort Meyer Fire Department, Pentagon Station. The truck was parked by the helipad on the west wing of the building, near the point of impact when the plane crashed. The truck help protect firefighters from the blast. the back of the truck was destroyed.    

Pentagon Locator map behind a piece of the Pentagon's limestone facade that was charred on September 11, 2001


A Navy Captain's uniform from the Pentagon.  

The Complete uniform set from a Navy Captain from the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  

A Construction Workers gear found near the Rubble of the Pentagon.  

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