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Page 8 of our Adventures

 The Journey continues. Almost to the best of the tour!! 

The mowing machine invented in 1856 

Rumely Oil Pull Tractor 

Manufactured in La Porte, ND

Guaranteed to burn successfully all grades of kerosene under all conditions, at all loads up to its rated brake horse power.  


Waterloo boy tractor.  


Dishes used by James K. Polk 1845-1849

Simulated entrance to the Presidential Suite in the white house. 




The Official Presidents seal on the door to his suite 

The Tommy Gun 

The Tommy Gun had only limited military roles, but achieved notoriety as " the gun that made the twenties roar" Formerly the Thompson Submachine Gun, it was named after it's inventor John Taliaferro Thompson . 

Sailor Pants 

During the Mexican War (1846-1848) Henry Vincent Gerrodette was a sailor aboard the frigate Congress, which played a key role in making California part of the United States. He wore these pants during the 1847 Fighting. Chances are Gerrodette himself embroidered the pants with a shield and eagle motif, anchor and stars. Passed from generation to generation, they were a treasured repository of family memory. A century later, they became a part of the American record when the Family donated them to the Smithsonian.      


Continental Gondola "Philadelphia" 

Built and sunk in 1776, this oldest American man of war in existence symbolizes the indomitable spirit and resourcefulness of those who established the Nation's independence.  Constructed barely in two months, the gunboat Philadelphia fought with that dimly remembered Continental squadron that frustrated recurrent British efforts to isolate New England by occupying central New York. Benedict Arnold's successful delaying action on Lake Champlain proved the vital prelude to victory at Saratoga in 1777 and decisive French intervention.  


522nd Field Artillery

Detached from the 422nd Regimental Combat Team in March 1945, the men of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. Moved in to Germany with the 45th and 63rd divisions. Over the next month and a half they fired 150,000 rounds of ammunition in support seven army divisions and units in Germany and Austria. one incident in the 522nd would forget was the liberation of German concentration camps at Dachau. The irony of having their own families behind barbed wire in WRA camps was not a lost on the Nisel Soldiers.   


Willys Jeep model MB

Four wheel drive, carrying capacity of one quarter ton. Approximately 640,000 jeeps were manufactured during the war.         

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