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Page 9 of our Adventures

 Coming to the end of our tour and adventure. You have reached the most inspirational and heart reaching section of the website. Like I said I saved the best for last. Welcome to the September 11, 2001 section!!! 

Reporter Bill a photo journalist who lost his life in this devastation. 

Bill in his last conversation with his wife says" I'm ok I'm with the fire men" 

Bill walked two miles from from his home in Manhattan to reach the World Trade Center as soon as he learned of the first plane hitting the north tower. Along time New York portrait photographer turned photo journalists, Bill knew it was important to get as close to the action as possible. But on September 11, the dramatic photos he obtained cost him, his life. Bill was the only professional photographer to die at Ground Zero; his last image of the fallen south tower was taken minutes before his death during the collapse of the North Tower  

Camera found tin the rubble.  


Another camera found in the rubble. 

Remains of a NY Fire truck

Remains of a fire truck with pieces of the beams from the World Trade Center.  




Remains Of the US Flag found in the Ruins of the rubble of the world Trade center.  

Desk telephone that was used to receive a phone call from one of the passengers on flight 77 that crashed in to one of the World Trade Center buildings

Teddy bear, Softball and Sign memorial offerings left near the Flight 93 crash site in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.


A poster in memory of Flight 93 to the crews, passengers and their families.   

A New York's Battalion Chief's coat, helmet and Boots found in the rubble    

A closer view of the chief's helmet.        

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