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Page 7 of our Adventures

 Welcome to the Smithsonian American History Museum 

Ritual Circumcisionist's Kit 1950's 

The ritual use of tools is epitomized in this circumcision kit. These traditional gripping and cutting instruments are employed to remove the foreskin from the penis of and eight-day old Jewish boy. Use of the kit by the mohel, or circumcisionist's follows strict procedures that include prayers and blessings. Circumcision is a religious rite among Muslims as well, and a common medical procedure. . 

Old and original electric waffle iron 

Old hot plate 


   The Original Hoover electric vacuum cleaner.

Made by The Hoover suction machine Company in New Berlin, Ohio  

International Harvester Tractor model 1486 built in 1979




1924 Huber Steam Tractor

Manufactured by A .F. Brandt in Bainbridge PA.  


Cotton Gin Maker

Manufactured by the Limmus Cotton Gin Company. 

in Columbus, GA. 

Bale of Cotton.  


The Wheeled Plow 


The Pennsylvania Plow

Nourse "Eagle" Plow       

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