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Wednesday, 24 September 2008
Obama Outsourcing
Topic: Demo Fables
 Update: Not all the work is being outsourced.
"When they got in touch with the Democrats the party jumped at the chance. And the coins have proved such a hit that locally produced versions have already been launched to compete with the UK originals"
Just caught this on Hot Air
 Democrats already minting Obama presidential commemorative coin
Now it refers to this article in a Birmingham Newspaper
Birmingham firm strikes Barack Obama presidential coin
Intricate work on the Barack Obama coin

A company in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is making commemorative coins for American presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

And if the Democratic candidate is elected to become the most powerful man in the world on November 4, it could open the floodgates for millions of pounds worth of business for the firm.

Windsor, Elizabeth & Windsor has already sold more than 300 limited edition commemorative silver coins to the Democratic Party to hand out to key members of the campaign to elect Obama.

The contract is worth about £100,000 to the company, based on Warstone Lane, Hockley.

And a spokesman for WEW said they expected thousands more coins to be bought if Obama becomes president, which could bring millions into the small firm.

WEW is producing limited edition runs of gold, silver and platinum Obama coins, and plans to produce new ones in other finishes for public consumption if the demand emerges.

The Barack Obama coin

The coins already sold to the Democrats will be presented to the senators, congressmen, governors and other politicians they are being given to within the next two weeks.

There will also be a television advertising campaign launched in the US.

Now of course there has been a lot of comment that this is premature, but what stuck out to me was this,

The contract is worth about £100,000 to the company, based on Warstone Lane, Hockley.

Yep this Newspaper is NOT in Alabama, it is in Great Britain !

The Obama Campaign is OUTSOURCING  this job,


Now this comes right on the heels of a statement by Joe Biden that

We’re not supporting clean coal” and “No coal plants here in America” —

Someone should ask the leadership of the UMW for a statement on that position.

However the Obama campaign and a Biden spokesperson have already done one of this, "We were against it before we supported it now" DNC flipflops we are all so familiar with.

 Video: On clean coal, Biden takes bold stand against, um, Obama’s position; Update: McCain launches coalition to protect coal jobs

Boy I tell your what these guys sure stand behind the American Worker don't they?

Maybe Union members should keep their backs up against the Wall when they are around though.

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:17 AM CDT
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Updated: Wednesday, 24 September 2008 10:00 PM CDT

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