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Welcome one and all to my spot on the internet. I'm always busy here, and if you come back often enough you are bound to find changes. I'm constantly changing things, adding deleting....sometimes i'm slack and not much happens for a while and other times I do quite a bit all at once.

Fairies, gnomes, wizards, mermaids and all things fantasy especially unicorns is a great love of mine and i've chosen to use images of these to decorate my page. As a child we all loved stories of far-away places where fantasy ruled and where our imagination was allowed to run wild. And although I don't propose that we all live in a fantasy world as adults, I find it harmless, and indeed fun and magical to allow a little fantasy to colour our world even if the only effect it has is to make us smile.

I love music and i've used a little on virtually every page i've created here, though, if at any point you no longer wish to listen to the music, merely click the stop button at the top of your browser once the page has finished loading. Im not sure how netscape works though?

I've tried as best I can to not only make the page interesting but also pleasant to the eye and I hope I have succeeded in doing so.

I have spent most of my time making this an index page, with all the links etc here for you to go look and find out more about me. Its been huge fun but, as webpage designing is still a learning curve for me, I hope to be adding new and exciting things as i learn more

Anyways......beautiful people, do have fun if you happen to stop by, and please feel free to leave a note in my guestbook.

Ok, lets kick off with the main page. If you want to know more about me, and follow what i've been up to click on the Icon below:-

For better navigation....(for those of you who keep coming back and dont want to have to go through each page to get to my latest page,) I hope you find these indexed links helpfull

A Journey Page One
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A Journey Page Eight

I've been sitting all day, trying to figure out how to make this a little different, a little more exciting or something...but, alas, im lost in that part of the creativity world, so im just ganna put little pics in here, to point you in a certain direction. The next wizard will take you to my small photo album...if you have been here before, you will note that i've changed it a little, and have taken most of the pictures off. Not for any other reason than that my focus has changed from having an album of all the chatters i know, but rather, just to keep the few that i consider my closest friends. Also, all links to their own pages are now removed, and instead, ive written (still in the process) a little something next to each picture instead. *s*. In here, you will also be able to see what I, and my two babies look like. Also, somewhere in here I have a music page. Ive spent quite sometime writing down the lyrics of songs I like, and will keep on doing that forever I suppose. So if you like to see some of my music taste, click here

A Love Story

For a couple of months I have been busy typing up the war diaries of my late Grandfather. It wasn't an easy job and it definitely took longer than I thought it would....but now, finally its ready for whoever wishes to take a look. If you ever wondered what it must have been like for a soldier on the front line during world war II this is the link to follow.
I'm proud to say that my late grandfather was part of the great battle of El Alamein fought in North Africa in October of 1942. Im also proud to say that they were victorius, even though many never lived to know that fact.
I do confess that I never held much interest in war, world war 2 included, but these diaries of my grandfather have opened my eyes, and I am thankful that I have never yet, had to endure the hardships of war.
The pages dealing with the war is very unlike the rest of my webpage, it is something completely on its own, but for a look at the realities of war, I invite you to take a look, read some of it, or all of it if you wish, and I hope that it touches you as much as it did me.

The War Diaries of W.S. Hawkins

And on a lighter note: I've put together a couple of my favourite sites on the net, feel free to click on any of them and have a look around:

Chat rooms I like to visit:
You can also go to and download icq, which is a chat program where you can speak one on one with other chatters.
For other instant chat messengers try MSN and find the download area for Msn Instant Messenger
Yahoo Messenger which can be downloaded if you choose the messenger icon.

& also, if you want to start up a page of your own, go to Angelfire and sign in!

I really hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you have any comments, or suggestions, please email me.


And one last thing before you leave....Please take some time to let me know you were here by signing my guestbook. I appreciate every entry *bs*

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And finally i guess, here is a link to my award page...note...that was page and not pageS....I invite you, in all modesty, to go take a look and please support the people who have been so kind to issue my page with an award....and...of course, if there is anyone who'd like to give me more...then..heck...whats stopping you??? Go here:-

Well thats it from me. I have had loads of fun with all the pictures ive put on here, and as soon as i find out how to do more, i will add more. For now though, take care, be good and whatever you do, be happy*s* Im outa here to relax a bit!

26th April 2008

Hi everyone. Its been a long time but I have come back to do this again. Obviously things are alot different now, but I realised I missed doing this and thought I would try doing poetry again.
Anyway, if you want to go to my new site and read new poetry etc, please follow this link:
A Journey 2
I hope you enjoy the new one as much as you enjoyed this one.

For more poetry than you could ever handle click on the link:

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