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"Clovenstone is an adventurous, magical journey into all things mythical and fantastical. A terrific first novel!"
Comment by Kristen Britain, author of the best-selling fantasy novel, Green Rider.

Featured review in the Aphelion Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Issue 53, Volume 5, November 2001

Type of music/work: Celtic Medieval Fantasy Novel: Clovenstone

Musicians/Performers/Author(s):Ruth McIntyre-Williams

General impressions of the album/book:

This is a wonderful fantasy quest story. The tale flows from adventure to adventure and the characterizations never fail to please. The reader quickly becomes caught up in the trials and tribulations of the characters.


This story weaves several differing threads into a glowing tapestry of adventure as the reader follows each set of companions on their quest to find and re-awaken the almost-mythical Clovenstone. The world the characters live in seems as real as our own and each character is fully fleshed and as familiar as life- interacting as would people you might know. The Celtic elements of the story only add to its allure. It only took me a very few pages to become hooked and I hated each time I had to stop reading. Ruth has written a novel she can be very proud of that will delight any fan of fantasy tales.

The story flows from page one and sweeps the reader along in adventure after adventure of the several characters. As the point of view passes from one to another, Ruth succeeds in heightening the suspense as well as painting a beautiful portrait of the backdrop as a world fully as believable as any in classic fantasy.

I believe that we will be seeing more good work from Ruth McIntyre-Williams and I look forward to that eagerly.

Review Copyright 2001 by Dan L. Hollifield

Reprinted by permission

Rob H. Bedford

Featured Review

Science Fictions and Fantasy

Reprinted with permission

Clovenstone tells the story of a broken land, the prophecies that may foretell the reforming of a once proud and powerful nation, and the people who hope to bring the land together through these prophecies. The land of Kildonan has been broken for many years and prophecies tell of how the nation can be reformed. Ruth McIntyre-Williams weaves a compelling story of a group of people who strongly believe the prophecy will lead to a New Kildonan while discovering their own role in the prophecies themselves.

This story has a rich Celtic feel and the world building is above average. I enjoyed character of Cormac, a fyr derrig, an impish faerie type creature, most out of all than characters. Cormac is the magical companion of the heroine, Fiona, the translator and driving character behind the group who is trying to reunite Kildonan. The other characters fit well with the stock group of characters expected in a set of companions. In most novels when there is a small group of people and they get separated, you almost always know they are going to rejoin each other at some point. While this is true of Clovenstone, discovering how McIntyre-Williams brought these characters back together was handled very well, and not as obvious as in many other novels where the group is separated.

I only had a few minor problems with the book-it could have been shortened a bit to tell a more smooth, tight and enjoyable story. Though the characters are believable, some of the dialogue is a bit contrived.

Overall, a fairly enjoyable novel with rich world building and believable characters.

Customer Review on

Clovenstone is a winner. Don’t miss this book..., April 10, 2001

Reviewer: Jack Gardner from Fruitland Park, FL USA

Not since I first discovered "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien many years ago have I been as engrossed by the creation of a fantasy writer as I have during my initial exposure to "Clovenstone" by Ruth McIntyre-Williams. Succinctly put: "Clovenstone" is a wonderful read. Her landscape is detailed in its reality and her characters are fully drawn. While Tolkien drew upon Germanic and Nordic mythology, McIntyre-Williams cleverly draws on the Celtic mythology of her heritage.

This is a classic quest story starting with the introduction of one lone heroine drawn by her destiny. As the story progresses she is joined by other characters until the questing party is composed of a half dozen characters both human and mythic. There are mages, warriors, little people and shape shifters all coming together for the quest. This 700-page tale of these fascinating folk and how they fare will keep the reader entertained for night after night. The book has a satisfying ending that still leaves the reader hungering for more. Ms. McIntyre-Williams promises a sequel and I for one can't wait.

If you like Tolkien, the Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Norton, Pulliam or Brooks you will enjoy Ruth McIntyre-Williams. This is fantasy for adults. Her language is accurate and phrases well turned.

A Few Selected Fan Letters

You are truly an inspiration to me !

I had thought to write of more modern times, and have six chapters completed so far. but theypale in comparison to your work.

Thank you so much for giving me the incentive to pursue other writingavenues!


August 13, 2001


After reading The Green Rider shortly after it was released, I went online to find a web site for the author Kristen Britain, in hopes of finding news of a sequel and though I am still waiting for the release of a second book from Kristen Britain, I found a link to your site and to your wonderful book ... so I am now waiting for two sequels to appear from two very talented writers!

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I have had reading Clovenstone! I actually read the book online about a year ago and have recommended it to several friends. I had tried to purchase it at the time but for some reason (I can't recall why) it didn't work. When the book was finally available I think I may have been one of the first to buy it! I hope it is selling well for you!

I wanted to let you know why I bought the book ... having read the book in it's entirety on the web. To find someone who simply wanted to share their "world" with others who might appreciate it touched me so much that I would have bought the book no matter what the price. Thank you for sharing! I read all of the newsletters and can't wait for the sequel!

Thanks again for sharing!

A devoted fan and reader!

Chris Veer

October 25, 2001

(Student fan who wrote a book report on Clovenstone.)

Dear Ruth,

Thank you so much for answering my questions. My class is already fascinated about the idea that I am reading a 701 page book instead of a 200 page one. I finished the book back in August. I couldn't put it down, I finished the book in four days. I thank you again greatly for giving up your time to help me on some of your personal information that I greatly needed.

Thank You Again,


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