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Clovenstone Celtic Medieval Fantasy Novel Cast of Characters scroll

Pronunciations, when given, are for Kildonan Common.
Listings include entities introduced in Tome II of the Clovenstone Chronicles, Stones Seven, published in April 2003.

Abrel: Talorg’s mother’s mother. Used in formal greeting among lorynx.

Ad-Hène (Themselves) Little Folk, Little People. Smaller than normal magickal folk.

Aelred: (ale-red) A hlysnaner, a listener, woodcutter in The Greenwald.

Aisha: (Ah-eesh-a) Queen of the Night Spirits, can be called by the gold thread of Tuatha.

Aligole: Friend of Fiona’s at Girond Mead-Hall.

Alisma: One of the enchanted seal women.

Almwech: (Alm-wek) Town near Girond Mead-Hall where Fiona is rescued by Talorg.

Anya: Has next bed to Fiona at Béagran-Byrig barracks.

Arach: (A-rak) Proprietor of the Spar and Sail sailor’s alehouse at Saxe-G’tha.

Ardgowen: One of the five original kingdoms.

Arnol: Worker at dock in cave in Lothír.

Arpeth: Kingdom of Queen Sheelagh.

Arrochar: (Arrow-kar) Bearer of number three Mêrthyrn stone, Triema, Minister of the Realm.

Arvon: Spirit world of the dead from which Cleophus writes and comes.

Arwan: Vidar’s black horse.

Ayton Tower: (Eye-ton) Béagran’s private quarters at Beagran-Byrig.

Balor: Evil spirit, patron of thieves.

Béagran: ( bee-ah-gran) Ruler of the realm of Béagran-Byrig.

Béagran-Byrig: (bee-ah-gran bye-rig) Means "Béagran’s enclosure" or stronghold, name of Béagran’s fortress castle and all the lands in his holding.

Bealltainn: (bell-tun-uh) First day of summer, celebrating taking animals out to far pasture.

Bealltainn-Monthe: Fifth monthe of the Kildonan calendar. First daye of Bealtainn-Monthe is the festival of Bealtainn.

Becca: Black band neophyte hlsynaner on Glyn.

Ben-Brada: Mountain where Talorg grew up in southwest Greenwald.

Benji: Person who seeks Meave for medical help after she had left the sod hut.

Berthar: Ferryman across the Flume at Lothír.

Birnham-Wood: Woods where Fiona grew up, where her parents are forest rangers.

Blackridge: King Urad’s fortress and kingdom.

Blodwyn: Baker’s wench at Blackridge.

Blue Duck: Publick house at Culwch, near Gretton Grove

Bouchaine: One of the enchanted seal women.

Branwen: Seal woman who is mortal.

Bredai: (bred-eye) Fiona’s forester’s longknife (machete).

Breac: (bree-ak) Spirit summoned by Tuatha; it gives present and foretelling visions.

Broed: Blackridge sudeour.

Brude: Shapeshifter, Arrochar’s familiar, placed by the wizard Vidar.

Brythwaite: Fishing boat from Trull on which Béagran ships.

ByreDaye: First day of the Kildonan calendar year, first day of Wyntre-Monthe, first day of winter. When animals are put in byres, or barns, for the winter.

Cait: Arrowwoman and dock worker in Lothír

Caleb: Husband to Olwen, crofter near Grafton-under-Wood

Callum: Woodwose who assaults Fiona

Carthyr: Wizard of Lothír

Cave of Sorrows: The cave hidden in the Raineld Mountains on the Mount of Penryth where the scroll describing the Cataclysm was hidden.

Cataclysm: The event that caused the fall of ancient Kildonan

Cerlic (Lord Cerlic): (Sir-lick) Petty feudal "lord" with ambitions for conquest, imprisons Fiona and her familiars.

Chief: An officer of an army: chief, laedaigg, thane, skeld, warder.

Chelath: Arrochar’s sentry relief on Urd’s Fawdon Tower.

Citadel, The: stronghold on Glyn protecting the libraries of magicks.

Clausa: Woman thief of the tribe of Siabohn.

Clemence: One of the enchanted sealwomen.

Cleophus: (klee-ah-fus) Great wizard, was bearer of Pentum stone at the Cataclysm. He masterminded the hiding and saving of Spirit of Kildonan (history, 5 chests of crown jewels, Iódha, Clovenstone, Mêrthyr stones).

Clovenstone: Stone (milk opal) of power that confers the right to rule, symbol of Kildonan.

Common Magick: The magic of the witches and wizards in Kildonan for everyday purposes. The only magic known in Kildonan for hundreds of years after the Cataclysm.

Cordelia: Gretton wicche whose fabric was used for tabards for players.

Cormac: A fyr derrig (of the Ad-Hène) that is Fiona’s familiar, self-appointed.

Corraig Tor: Meeting place of Vidar and Maeve, Vidar’s message hiding place.

Council Room: Meeting room of the Witan on Glyn.

Crieff: One of the five original kingdoms.

Cozuma: Old man from whom Krizia buys the Glyn run.

Culwch: (kul-wik) Village close to Gretton Grove.

Cumnock: Community in the northern mountains, north of Blackridge. Guards the scholarly works of Kildonan. Established by the bearer of Qador at the Cataclysm.

Darke Magick: Powerful magick for evil, used to ruin original Kildonan.

Dartha Community: Wool business commune, once home to Morpeth.

Deenish: Husband of the chief thief, Siabohn.

Deep Glen: A valley on the side of Ben-Brada in The Greenwald where Talorg grew up..

Deorc-Month: (dee-ork) Second monthe in the Kildonan calendar year. Monthe of Feill-Deorc, the shortest day of the year.

Dock Steward: Minor official on Glyn.

Donal: One of the horses used by Arrochar and Béagran.

Easby: Where Arrochar and Brude find the Nonesuch Players after Ephrem’s battle.

Ebral-Monthe: Fourth month of the Kildonan calendar year. Spring monthe of lambing and early planting

Edda: Wizard member of the Witan, ruling body of Glyn.

Ehrwán Sea: The sea around Kildonan on the east and south.

Elwen: Priest- wicche of Gretton Coven.

Elwick: One of the five original kingdoms.

Ephrem: King who is assassinated by Queen Sheelagh.

Erthe: Parallel world of gods and goddesses of nature, led by Gwyan, the Supreme of the Erthe gods, Mother Nature.

Erthe-Monthe : Dedicated to Gwyan, the Goddess of Nature, a time of looking to the end of winter and of clearing the land for plowing.

Estral Magick: Ancient magic from before Clovenstone. Powerful. Used by the Mêrthyr and a few other highly skilled mage.

Evensong: Ship players take to find Clovenstone island (Mhúire).

Falye: (Fay-lee) Fishing boat from Evensong.

Fawdon Tower: Where Arrochar was sentry at Blackridge.

Feill-Deorc: (file deeork) (Eve of darkness, shortest day of the year, celebration of lights to bring back sun. Comes during Deorc-Monthe.

Feill-Haerfest: (file hair-fest) Harvest festival (Harvest Eve) in Hydref-Monthe.

Fiona: Bearer of the number one Mêrthyrn stone, Godith, Keeper of the Stone, Overseer of all Kildonan.

First Councillor: Ruling wizard, leader of the Witan, of Glyn.

Flanna: Kitchen cook/server at Girond Mead-Hall.

Flann (and Leathe): peasants who killed the enchanted geese and caused wyntre in Olwen’s tale at the Bealtainn meeting.

Flume: River current that carries goods to and from Lothír.

Gaedrian-Monthe: (gay-dree-an) (The eighth monthe of the Kildonan calendar year. Time of gathering wild foods: nuts, berries, herbs.

Garrog: King of the gnomes under the Raineld Mountains.

Garthir: (gar-theer) The number seven stone, guardian of Agriculture and Crafts.

Gawain: Young boy from Ephrem’s castle, befriended by Morpeth and Béagran.

Gelban: King Fiona’s mother was fighting for when she got Godith.

Giles: Husband to Branwen, mortal seal woman.

Gimli: Solitary wicche who Listens and collects information what’s happening with the various magicks.

Girond Mead-Hall: Guildhall of professional warriors, Fiona’s parents worked out of there.

Glencoe: One of the five original kingdoms

Glyn: Island where the descendents of the Mêrthyr and other mage practiced secretly and where the books of Estral Magick were hidden.

Godith: Number one Mêrthyrn stone, Keeper of the Stone, Overseer of all Kildonan. (Fiona).

Good Farmer, The: Inn near castle in Almwech.

Grafton-under-Wood: Olwen’s near village.

Great Hall: Audience chamber of Mêrthyr on Iódha, hidden on the island of Mhúire in Clovenstone. Returns to Iódha in Stones Seven.

Greenwald, The: Huge forest that covers known and unknown lands to the west of Kildonan

Gretton Coven: Worshipers of Gwydion, son of Gwyan.

Gretton Grove: Grove of linden trees with mulberry tree in center, sacred to Gretton Coven.

Grimpy: Armsbearer for King Urad of Blackridge.

Gwyan: (gwee-ahn) All powerful earth spirit, Fate, Mother Nature, leader of the Erthe gods and goddesses.

Gwydion: Erthe god, son of Gwyan.

Hafgan: King of the woodwose.

Hag: Farseer and hylsnaner, gives prophecies and opal charms to players.

Hag Stone: White opal given to Nonesuch Players by The Hag. Changes color with environments and is a locater (by changing to blue) of the players to each other.

Hali: The Erthe god of productive farm animals.

Hand of the Wild: Alarge granite outcropping connected to the mainland by a gravelbar visible at low tide.

Hefeydd: (hef-ide) Underground world of the evil spirits and creatures.

Hlysnaner: (hlis-naner) A "listener" (telepath).

Hord: Evil phantasms called forth and controlled by workers of Darke Magicks.

Hound of the Darke: any member of a group of Darke mage who conquered Kildonan at the Cataclysm.

Hydref-Monthe: (hie-dref) Ninth monthe of the Kildonan calendar year, last monthe of the year. Monthe of Feill-Harfest, the harvest festival.

Hyweal: Solitary in the cave on Mount of Penryth

Iódha: (eye-oh-duh) Historic and mythic ruling (Principal City) island city of ancient Kildonan, home of the ruling council, the Mêrthyr.

Jamie: Forester for Beagran, guide to the barrows.

Jerrmit: Mage scholar/commoner, one of the original Nonesuch Players.

Kelmscott: Village where Arrochar and Brude seek Fiona.

Kildonan: The known world.

Kildonan Common: The common language of Kildonan.

Kindre: One of the enchanted sealwomen.

Krizia: Captain and owner of the ship Evensong.

Lady Fenmore: A large landholder to whom Urad has sent Lutrin to convince her to join Urad’s "protective coalition."

Leathe (and Flann): peasants who killed the enchanted geese and caused wyntre in Olwen’s tale at the Bealtainn meeting.

Liam: Friend of Wickham’s at Girond.

Lioba: Witch of Gretton Coven.

L’lyr: Old dwarf librarian on Glyn.

lodestone box: Ornate box hanging over Krizia’s chart table with freeswinging lodestone (magnetized ore) in it

lorynx: Large flying cat, size of small pony, looks like a lynx/Maine coon cat with wings.

Lucida Ann: Red ferryboat that crosses the Flume.

Lutrin: Royal wizard to King Urad.

Maeve: (ma-veh) Wizard, Fiona’s medium.

Magicks: Darke Magick: evil magic, Estral Magick: the powerful magic of rulers and high wizards, Spiritual Magick: magic practiced by the gods, Common Magick: everyday magick.

Malmut: Krizia’s first mate on the Evensong.

Marta: Fiona’s mother.

Meab: Proprieter of the Red Anchor publick house in fishing village on east coast

Mêrthyr: (Mer-ther) Ruling council of seven mages.

Mhúire: (Mooreh) Name of island where Clovenstone is hidden (named by Fiona for her mother’s mother).

Miriam: One of the enchanted sealwomen.

Moira: the bearer of Sedac, the first guardian in the cave on the Mount of Penryth, the author of the Penryth Scroll.

Moon-path: The path made by the moon shining on the sea. Also called the "silver path."

Morag: Laedaigg to Béagran.

Moretaine: One of the five original kingdoms.

Morpeth: Harpist, one of the original Nonesuch Players. Bearer of the number four stone, Qador, Guardian of Arts and Education.

Mount of Penryth: A near-inaccessible mountain in the Raineld Mountains. Cave of Sorrows is on its slopes. The mountain where a cave-dwelling Solitary guards the way to Cumnock and the Penryth Scroll.

Nels: One of the seals who warms Fiona.

New Kildonan: Jerrmit’s history of events.

Night Spirits: Amorphous shapes that inhabit the woods at night , have personalities, do magic.

Nonesuch Players: name taken by troupe of Fiona, Jerrmit, Morpeth, Cormac, and Talorg. Later Béagran, Arrochar, Brude, and the boy Gawain also join the troupe.

Olwen: Wife to Caleb, crofter.

Onela: Thane of Blackridge.

Onwech: Dock scribe on Glyn.

Orderec: Economics scholar at Cumnock Community. Bearer of the stone Tywyn, Guardian of Economics

Ortwig: Sailors’ merchant in Saxe-G’tha.

Outer Ring: Magic invisible defensive wall surrounding Glyn. Non-exclusive. Will let anything through that is not a threat to Glyn.

Penryth, Mount of: A near-inaccessible mountain in the Raineld Mountains. Cave of Sorrows is on its slopes. The mountain where a cave-dwelling Solitary guards the way to Cumnock and the Penryth Scroll.

Penryth Scroll: The ancient magical scroll written by Moira, bearer of Sedac, that describes the Cataclysm and gives clues to Clovenstone, Iódha, and the symbols of rule of the five ancient kingdoms.

Pentum: The fifth Mêrthyrn stone, Mage of the Mages.

Perth: One of the horses of Arrochar and Béagran.

Prime Wizard: A wizard with extraordinary magick skills, i.e. Vidar and Maeve.

Principal City: Iódha

Poldark: Fishing village where Arrochar meets sealwomen.

Prefect: Commander of a mead-hall.

Pum: (Pumdora): Rydal's lorynx.

Qador: (ka-dor) Fourth Mêrthyrn stone, Guardian of Arts and Education. Worn by Morpeth.

Queen’s Eye: Alehouse in Grafton-under-Wood.

Raineld Mountains: Mountain range over Garrog’s gnome kingdom

Red Anchor: Small publick house at Poldark.

Rolf: Gnome.

Rowantree and Lark: Publick house in Wooten-Green where Vidar boards horse and meets Béagran and Arrochar

Rydal: Pentum, Mage of Mages. Originally First Councillor of the Witan of Glyn

Saxe-G’tha: (sax -gotha) port city nearest to the island city of Iódha.

sealwomen: Seven seals who are really enchanted women.

Sean: (shawn) Fiona’s father.

Sedac: Sixth Mêrthyrn stone, Guardian of Law.

Seekers: A line of wicches set up by Cleophus and the original Mêrthyr to do nothing but listen to the "Lifebreath" (the medium through which thoughts are transferred, the spirit of the land) to detect unusual magick activity. A guard against anyone’s secretly developing a power in Darke Magick again to destroy the kingdom.

Serfim: King Urad’s laedaigg.

SeumorFest: (sum-or-fest) Festival of high summer, held in the middle of summer, features appeals for a good harvest. Takes place during Sonne-Monthe.

Solitary: any person who worships, meditates, and/or lives in solitude away from other people.

Sonne-Monthe: The seventh monthe of the Kildonan calendar year, monthe of the midsummer festival, SeumorFest.

Siabhon: (shi-bone) Leader of the tribe of thieves.

Sindre: Maeve’s sacred stone in her shrine in the woods.

Skadi: Overseer of Cumnock Commune.

Sola: One of the enchanted sealwomen.

Spar and Sail: Tavern in which Fiona meets Krizia.

Spirit of Kildonan: The treasures hid by Pentum at the Cataclysm. (Iódha, Clovenstone, 5 chests of crown jewels, castles of the five kingdoms).

Spiritual Magick: The obscure magick used by the Erthe Gods and spirits from Arvon, and their familiars, such as the Night Spirits.

Stigand: Chief steward to Garrog.

Talorg: Lorynx, Fiona’s familiar, sent by Maeve. Comes from Deep Glen on Ben-Brada.

The Wild: The rugged wilderness strip along the southwestern coast. The Greenwald runs into it and past it.

Tender: see Way Tender

Tillie’s Tavern: A hovel beach bar at a village between Trull and Saxe-G’tha.

Thora: Sudeour at Blackridge, on Special Maneuvers.

Toma: Servant boy at Girond Mead-Hall.

Tostock: Village in Ephrem’s kingdom.

Trelawney: Jerrmit’s Commune - on an island.

Triema: (tree-ema) The number three Mêrthyrn stone, Minister of the Realm. Worn by Arrochar.

Troon: Woodwose that assaults Fiona.

Trull: Coastal city surrounded by The Wild, shopping center for villages along the coast, who come to it by boat.

Tuatha: Woman in White, Erthe goddess at the barrows, appears at Seumorfest.

Tyne: River flowing from loch east of Béagran-Byrig and past Blackridge castle.

Tywyn: The number two Mêrthyrn stone, Guardian of Economics.

Uen: Servant to Elwen, priest-wicche of Gretton Coven.

Under-Raineld: Gnome kingdom.

Urad: King of Blackridge castle and surrounding lands.

Vidar: Wizard, Arrochar’s guardian and medium.

Verdandi: One of the enchanted sealwomen.

Way of the Rowentree: the path to the Cave of Sorrows on the Mount of Penryth, where the scroll describing the Cataclysm was hidden. Path is marked by fat summer berries on leafless winter trees.

Way Tender: Those who keep the ancient ways open, such as the Way Tender of the Way of the Rowantree

Watley: Village near where Fiona grew up.

Wendron: Town where Brude finds Vidar (when Brude comes alone from Cumnock).

wicche: Archaic for witch. Used by Gretton Coven and other mage of Kildonan.

Wickham: Retired skeld at Girond, avuncular relationship to Fiona.

William: Thief who guards Morpeth, Gawain, and Béagran.

Wistman Wood: Forest around Girond Mead-Hall.

Witan: The council of 5 mages that rules Glyn.

Wolffe: Rydal’s familiar, a tawny golden eyed wolf.

Wooten-Green: Village of the Rowentree and Lark alehouse.

Wyllen-Monthe: (will-en) Sixth monthe of the Kildonan calendar year. Time of shearing, preparing of wool.

Wyntre-Monthe: First month of the Kildonan calendar year, beginning of winter. Monthe of ByreDaye, the first day of winter.

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