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Hello! Welcome to Clovenstone Chronicles bookmarks.

There are, as you can see, three designs. You can print them out as two separate bookmarks, or you can glue them back to back after you have printed them out for a sturdier two-sided bookmark.

The left-hand design depicts the crest of all Kildonan when it was One. The loryx in the center is the symbol for the Mêrthyr, the ruling council of Kildonan. The five crowned doves are the five original kingdoms in the realm of Kildonan. The sun and moon depict the everlasting life of the realm. The banner at the top is the motto of Kildonan, "All Is One."

The right-hand design shows the crest of the Mêrthyr. The lorynx appears again as a Celtic pattern on the left side on a purple field symbolizing the ruling power of the Mêrthyr. On the left are scrolls with the names of the Seven Stones in runic language. The five crowns stand for the original five kingdoms of Kildonan. The green field and the green ivy symbolize Iódha, the "green island," the home island of the Mêrthyr from which they rule all Kildonan.

The third bookmark has both books on one side.

To get a bookmark, hold your mouse over one of the designs. A window will come up. Go down to "Download this image." The wording may be slightly different depending on your browser. The image will be downloaded to your computer. It can then be placed in any software application that will accept jpg files, and printed from that application. This method may give you a better quality product.

If you do not have an application that accepts jpg images, simply print this page out from the web.

Enjoy your bookmark! Print some out for your friends.You will see just below an opportunity to simply forward this page on to your friends and let them print out their own.

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