Freddie's Photo Gallery

Click for larger pic "OK... You caught me. So can't I be smart as well as cute?" Am I one puppy with, dare I say, a great sense of humor or what...?! Woof!
Click for larger pic '' Being a puppy is hard work! '' —
Click for larger pic My name is Logan....woof,woof!...wooof wooof ruff woof...growl..tail wag!!...woof woof woof! Logan has a lot to say! He also sings.... ...oooooooooh roooooooh...hoooooowl...ooooooh! WOOF!
Click for larger pic Hi my name is Chachi and I think I have the biggest ears in the known canine world . Is there anyone out there who can do better? Chachi is my best friend I don't get to see him very often. When we do get to see each other we have so much fun!
Click for larger pic Awwww, C'mon!!! Can't a dog have a little privacey?!?!?"- "Im just so sexy! I have to censore this picture!!!"- Did someone say tummy rub??
Click for larger pic This is me as an itty-bitty baby (8 weeks)! I know I am the most precious little doggie because all I have to do is be cute to get anything I want.
Click for larger pic '' Food? Did someone mention food? ''"I SMELL BACON!!!!!"-
Click for larger pic I need some privacy. Let me eat my bone!



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