Freddie's Photo Gallery

Drumroll please.....Introducing my new little brother Diesel! He's only 3 months old, but he's got enough puppy energy to run the state of Massachusettes. Mom is making this page for Diesel, so check back soon!

Click for larger pic "I'm pooped! Natasha and I were playing ball today and I just couldn't take anymore. There comes a time when every pup just says, "That's it...I quit!"
Click for larger pic Okay, here's the deal...I'm a dog. It's my responsibility to watch the house and make sure no one bad gets in and bugs my people. I know I'm not supposed to be on the couch, but how else do they expect me to survey the scene? Work with me! —
Click for larger pic Freddie and Diesel Cheese? Who said cheese?
Click for larger pic Here I am playing tug of war with Diesel! I'll get it. . . You'll see. .
Click for larger pic Here I am with Diesel. I call this picture 'Best Buds' because we are the best of friends (except for when he tries to steal MY bones!!
Click for larger pic What??? Can't a dog even take a nap without having his picture taken? (My mom's a camera nut, in case you can't tell!!
Click for larger pic ''Again with the camera? I'd really like to take that nap now!! !"-
Click for larger pic Ready Set Go.. Lets see who makes it to the pool first !!!!
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