Freddie's Photo Gallery
Well, not exactly a gallery, but getting close!

Click for larger pic First,
Am I handsome or what?!
Click for larger pic Then,
I am too cute. Really. Too darned cute. Enough said. —
Click for larger pic I was pretty darned cute as a little puppy. I still am now, but you've got to admit...I'm oozing with sweetness in this picture. Here I was only a few months old.
Click for larger pic I use my paws like they were people hands to hold my toys or treats. I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit it, but I'm a blanket sucker. Mommy thinks I'm so cute when I get sleepy and go get my blankie.
Click for larger pic Don't we look cute together?Sebastian is my big brother I just love him to pieces.
Click for larger pic I keep asking mommy to let me drive, but she keeps saying no!

I wonder why!!

Click for larger pic Mom, You inisted that I needed to put on my coat, but I just looked out the window and there isn't even any snow on the ground!!! Now could you tell me WHY am I dressed like this????
Click for larger pic Ahhh, finally I can rest after all my hard work posing for pictures.
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