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Welcome to Ginny N Jaz!

We are just starting this site and it is very new, so please bear with us!! We are very sorry if you cannot find what you want now, but come back soon when it is fully up and running!


Hello! Ginny here. So sorry I haven't been updating since two months ago. Yay Jaz got me lots of lipgloss for my birthday.

Lip Frosting Strawberry

Lip Frosting Buttercream *glows*

Lip Frosting Berry

Lip Smackers Doctor Pepper

Lip Shake Cherry Cola

Anyways i just stumbled across some money the other day (parents gave it to me, hehehe) and I am thinking of using that to get a couple new ones.


Hello again! It's Ginny. According to Jaz, the Cappuccino Lip Lites Shiny Stix smells like nuts. I think she said walnuts or something... Hahahaha! Anyways, we both think the actual plain Lip Lites Cappuccino is better than the Shiny Stix, but they are both good. Check out the About Ginny page for BRAND NEW lip gloss reviews! Yay! I just did them tonight. *yawns* I'm going to bed...


AHHHHHH! (Ginny here) I GOT NEW LIPGLOSS TODAY! YAY! I got the new Lip Lites Shiny Stix (i never tried it) Cappuccino!!!! Maybe Jaz and I will go shopping tomorrow! Hurray! I HAVE to get the Lip Lites Cappuccino (regular gloss type) Yay!


Hello! Ginny here. Like Jaz said, I'm gonna go to Target soon too, actually, we're hoping to go sometime this week! ^^ hurray! Jaz and I are still working on making our own layouts and stuff and right at the moment, I'm trying to find the HTML book! YAY! Hahahahaha... ya, I have a Tamagotchi too, so, ya. Exept I can't tolerate mine after if beeps too much so I just give up on it and it lives like three days at a time... I HAVE to get some of the new BonneBell stuff! Like, *drools* Honey Mocha Honey Kiss stuff! Hurray! I plan to get that with Jaz soon. :P Also, I have to get the bronze stuff like,

Powder Bronze

Shimmer Bronze


Gel Bronze!

Yay! So, ya, I'm gonna go work on some other stuff for the website so, bye!

02/26/03:hi, this is Jaz here.. and let me say something. Lip GLoss is definately the simple pleasures in life. Im sure a lot of us would agree with that... LoL. since i have a gigapet (yes, i know, very obsolete stuff) and its beeping angrily, I guess I should go since I have homework and crap to do.

02/24/03Update: There is a new line of Bonne Bell lip stuff: -Enticemint

-Flip Gloss Shimmers

-HOney Kiss

-Lip d'Votion shimmers

-Lip Lites Shiny stix

Lip Lix (in a totally new tube)

I gotta try that stuff out...!!Watch out, Target! Here i come!

Are you tired of going through countless beauty products without finding what you want? Are you unsatisfied with the products you have now, but don't want to spend time and money looking for them? Welcome home, then, to Ginny N Jaz, where we strive to do the work for you! However, keep in mind that it takes up time for us as well! If you have products that you would like to add and rate, let us know! It will be much appreciated! Browse around, and have fun! Contact us



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