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~*~Random Queen~*~ aka Jaz

Thanks to GPetz for the blog!

Hiya hiya hou hou, I am Jaz, the thinker behind this site! lolol. So u wanna know more about me?Go to Random Rhapsody! Too lazy? Read below

Name: Jaz* "Disney Freak" C*

ASL: none ya! actually, I'm between the ages of 1 and 101.XDDD

Things I Like: (get ready, long list!) ANYTHING DISNEY!!, Alice books, lip gloss(lol), Hot Topic junque, the color black, Jimmy FALLon!, Avril Lavigne, Boyz II Men, SClub7, punnk!, black lights, CHococat, dogs, designing clothes, tigers, the smell of fog and rain, penguins, poetry, starbucks, hanging with friends, Indiana Jones, Bettlejuice, SNL, and.. anything to do with the Jungle! (its da tiki room in my room! XD)

Things I DOn't Like:Scratchy pencils, trigonometry, people who act bitchy, conceitedness, airs, losers(mai def of losers: people who think they're all that... ), pierced ears (not that i have anything against them on other people.), flabby thighs, tans, chocolate cake cuz it makes my thighs even flabbier, plaid stuff, and the color brown.

Lip Gloss WishlistLiquid lip smackers in sugar crystals, cotton candy, and vanilla;Honey Kiss in HOney Sweet, HOney mocha, and latte Honey;Lip Burst in Caramel Cappucino Freeze;Lip D'Votion in Sweet Mocha; Lip D'Votion shimmers in Vanilla Bean; Lip Lites in Cappucino; Lip Lites stix in Cappucino. yeah.. i think thats about it. YUM!! long list huh.. XDD