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Hello everyone! Welcome to my page! It's still under construction so don't be all mad...

Hello! Welcome! In case you didn't notice (I hope you did) my name is Ginny. Jaz and I are working on a great site about (take a guess) lipgloss, of course! so, here is my "about me" page, so sit back and read! Likes: acting like a pirate and thinking about captain crunch..., drawing anime, playing on the internet, lipgloss, mickey mouse, 101 dalmatians, nightmare before christmas, harry potter, music, swing and jazz music, old silver screen movies, my bird, punk, stuffed animals, my extreme weirdness, candles, holidays, DDR, my birdy, (did i already say that?) and a lot of other stuff, oo, bath and body works! being loud, laughing, listening to 50 cents... hahahahahaha "go shorty, it's yo birthday, we gonna partay like it's yo birthday, we gonna sippacardi (i donno if that's right, they talk fast ^^) like it's yo birthday, and we don give a f*** cuz it's yo birthday! hurray! candy, Limited TOo, target, AIM, decorating my cell phone, charlie brown, and lotsa other stuff... the list could go on, but i don't want you reading for the rest of your lives, the dislike list was long too, so i decided not to write one :)Okay, any Harry Potter fans out there simply HAVE to sign the petition about Sean Biggerstaff! Word has it- they're taking him out of the MOVIE! NOOOOOOOOO! Sean Biggerstaff is too golden to loose! *Sighs* You must look at pictures of him! Pretty soon I will have links and crap, so, ya... Anyways, check out ever corner of the site, and enjoy! Bye! Also, go down to the second Blog for my lipgloss reviews!



Ginny's Lipgloss Reviews:

Bonnebell Stuff:

Enticemint and Flipgloss:
I am not a big fan of flipgloss. The one I had broke and many other ones that my friends have had have also been broken and performed poorly ;) I have yet to try Enticemint yet, but maybe by next Sunday there will be an update telling you all about it! *dances*
Honey Kiss and Lip Fashion:
Honey Kiss and Lip Fashion are another two I have not tried yet. I do know that Jaz has bought Lip Fashion before and seemed rather fond of it... ^^
Lip Burst:
Jaz had a Lip Burst Smoothie once, but she didn't like the smell or something and gave it to me. I personally love this lipgloss! The smell is great, (Iced Mocha Mixer, try it!) It feels wonderful, and tastes good. The colour is a kind of almost pinkish sort of thing. So be careful if you don't think your skin tone will match this. All of the Lip Burst Smoothies have color. Jaz is going to get the Lip Burst Smoothie Caramel Cappuccino soon, so we'll give you a review on that too. Regular Lip Bursts I haven't tried. It looks to me as if they go on clear... (duhhhh) But if they're anything like the smoothies, they'll be good.
Lip D'votion:
Jaz also gave me a Lip D'votion. I was personally a bit disappointed in how it worked. When you turn the twisty thing to get the lipgloss into the brush, it wont work well, and you have to turn it alot until it overflows. I also found this one to be a bit messy, and the flavor is not as strong as it should be. And, it was almost too thick. Of course, Lip D'votion Shimmers is just the same thing exept it has some glitter. Big deal.
Lip Lites:
An AWESOME lipgloss. All my friends who have it love it and then other people like theirs so much they end up buying it too. The thickness is good, the smell is strong, but not too strong. All of the flavors I've smelled are great (Cappuccino, Bubble Burst, Vanilla Swirl). I definatly recommend this one!
Lip Lites Shiny Stix:
I love this one, too. I just got one. The only thing is, the smell is differant from the actual gloss of the same flavor. It was also a bit pricey... $4.09
Lip Lix:
I tried this one in it's past form. This is a good lipgloss. Good smell, strong color, good shine, and just the right thickness. The only thing that used to be wrong is the tube was too boring, but they fixed that!
Lip Rush:
I like this lipgloss. I don't actually have it but some of my friends do. The bottle is very entertaining, ^^ and I like the smell of all the ones I've tried. Lip Rush goes on clear, and is very shiny.
Lip Shake:
This is a good, thick lipgloss. You have to be careful with this one though, the colors can really clash with your skin tone. The smell on the ones I've tried is good. Exept with the swirl effect, you don't know how long it's going to last. They may have put plastic around the edges to make the swirl stay like that and then put a small amount of lipgloss in the middle.
Lip Shox:
I LOVE this lipgloss. Awesome brush-on applicator, and glittery shine. The one I have, Liquid Prism, is a coffee flavor, which Jaz and I have successfully gotten high on once... It smells very, very good. I have had a hankering for the Crystal Energy flavor, which is supposed to be some kind of Cherry Cola.
Thanks for reading! I'll have more reviews soon!


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