Disclaimer: Yes indeed, this story contains adult content and whatnot and is not recommended for younger audiences. But if you share my same bizarre fantasies, then by all means - Enjoy! :)

Oh yeah, I'm not related to Hanson, their record company, their neighbors, their hairstylists, etc.. IT'S ALL FICTION BABY!!


This story started as an odd Zac as a poolboy fantasy and developed into a story. I thought it'd be interesting to write about Zac as a regular guy and Taylor as a waiter at Rio Bravo. :) It takes place two years from now. (Summer of 2002) And, obviously, the Hanson brothers are not famous.

Chapter 1 - Helloooo...
Chapter 2 - Through the window
Chapter 3 - A dip in the pool
Chapter 4 - I've wanted that to happen all day
Chapter 5 - Don't stop
Chapter 6 - Absolutely beautiful
Chapter 7 - I had sex today
Chapter 8 - You clean up nice
Chapter 9 - He's just jealous
Chapter 10 - I'm Speechless
Chapter 11 - Rug burns
Chapter 12 - Chinese food in bed
Chapter 13 - Blue eyes?
Chapter 14 - Just get out
Chapter 15 - Gay....as in gay??
Chapter 16 - Not in Taylor's room
Chapter 17 - Come on over
Chapter 18 - Pizza's here
Chapter 19 - Good morning
Chapter 20 - I can't stand up yet
Chapter 21 - Must've been the same thing Charlie Brown went through
Chapter 22 - Care the place a bet?
Chapter 23 - What have I done?

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