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NWA Wildside TV Taping

Steven Prazak and Dan "The Dragon" Wilson introduced the latest edition of
"the nation's number one pro wrestling alternative, NWA Wildside." Prazak
said it was post Freedom Fight '02 (Finally!). He urged the viewers to buy
the video for posterity.

Dan Wilson narrated clips from last week's show that saw Homicide hang NWA VP
Bill Behrens over the top rope with Wildside CEO, Jeff G. Bailey, urging him
on. As a result, Homicide had been suspended from Wildside. That didn't
prevent Homicide from getting involved in the main event to help Rainman beat
David Young. Rainman was the man Bailey had labeled as Behren's "worst
nightmare, a black Wildside champion."

Prazak promised that this week's show would provide a tasty slice of Freedom
Fight '02. On to the action.

1) Slim J beat Jeremy V. No two ways about it, this was one hell of a match.
Far and away the best work I've ever seen from V. J did the most insane dive
of the year in Wildside. Tremendous kicks and punches by J. Match was framed
as the polite, clean cut athlete vs. the bad ass punk who spent most of his
youth in correctional facilities.

V ducked J's sneak attack and launched a barrage of punches and chops. V used
an Irish whip and ran into a boot to the face. V caught J with a high back
bodydrop. V connected on a clothesline in the corner, with J taking a big
bump up onto the ropes before crashing down in a heap. V used an armdrag into
an armbar. J broke the hold with forearm shots. J did a Japanese armdrag and
barred the arm. V running the ropes...ducked a clothesline, ducked an elbow
and scored a two count with a high crossbody. V whipped J towards the corner.
J stepped up the ropes and creamed V with a 3-6 Mafia kick to the mush.
Nicely sold by V allowing the impact to sink in. J took V down with a snap
mare and dropkicked him to the back of the head. Lateral press and a two
count. J countered a hiptoss with a gutshot that set up a spinning
headscissors for another two count. J threw some wicked right hands. J
whipped V into the ropes and landed a dropkick. J did a cocky crotch chop and
missed on a standing moonsault legdrop. The tide turned again, as V landed a
low dropkick to the face and a legdrop for a two count. V with a knife edge
chop. V went for a double underhook move that saw J land on top of him. V
bridged up and tried for a backslide. J countered with a reverse atomic drop
and a clothesline. J with a back cover for two. J got ref Speedy Nelson to
look the other way, so he could punch V in the groin. The commentators ripped
on Speedy. J connected with a big right hand. V came off a whip with a sunset
flip for a near fall. J hit a corkscrew neckbreaker, one of the only weak
spots in the match. J dragged V to center ring for a stomp to the gut. J
threw punches from the mount. J pulled V up and pasted him with a right hand
against the ropes. V reversed a whip. J grabbed the rope and backdropped V a
charging V to the apron. J ran V along the apron, trying to ram his head into
the turnbuckle. V blocked it and rammed J's head instead. J hit a short arm
clothesline that knocked V off the apron.

They exchanged punches on the floor. V charged and J gave him a back bodydrop
to the ramp. J climbed to the top rope. J HIT A FREAKIN DIVING HEADBUTT OFF
"holy shit" chant broke out, as security hustled over to check J's condition.
No idea how, but J got up to his feet. J tossed V back in the ring and set
him up on his shoulders for his finisher. V looked like he was in agony, but
he surprised J with a victory roll for a near fall. J landed a kick to the
face, but missed on a flying roundhouse. V debuted an awesome finisher that
liked to have broken J's neck, something like an over the shoulder Tiger
Driver '91. J did the miracle kick out of the pin. V hit a moonsault for
another near fall. V tried to set up his finisher again, but J countered. J
mounted V on his shoulders, pulled his head forward into a cradle, and drove
him straight down on his neck for the three count. They both stayed down on
the mat. J finally struggled to his feet and did one final bump, falling
backwards through the ropes to the floor.

The ad for the Freedom Fight '02 video debuted. It was made up of violent
highlights from the War Games. In marked contrast to the ads for the last
video (Hardcore Hell), this one is almost guaranteed to spur some buying.

The next segment showed highlight clips of the "landmark" 20+ minute singles
match between the Briscoe Brothers. Jay Briscoe won the match after
delivering two Jay Drillers on Mark. T-N-T (Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin)
attacked the Briscoes after the match. Wilson said T-N-T was experiencing
intense jealousy of all the attention the Briscoes were receiving. After all,
they were trained by Shawn Michaels, while Briscoes were trained by Van
Hammer. Later on the show, the match between T-N-T and Lost Boyz (another 20+
minute affair) was thrown out when T-N-T attacked the referee. T-N-T was
preparing to shorten Lost Boyz by a few inches with stuff piledrivers on to
steel chairs when Briscoes made the save. That sets up a Briscoes vs. T-N-T

2) Caprice Coleman (with Sweet Dreams) beat Cru Jones (with Destiny) to win
the World TV Title. The gimmick was Dreams being handcuffed to Destiny. It
was a good match until they got involved for two totally contrived looking
spots. Prazak and Wilson were obviously struggling to make sense out of what
they were seeing.

J's probation officer did double duty, having the honor of cuffing Dreams to
Destiny. Prazak said Dreams enjoyed the cuffs in this context and expressed
concern about Dreams getting randy. "It's a family show... the Manson
family." Coleman was in a playful mood, slapping Jones on the ass and
offering him some gum for his jock strap breath. Jones sucker punched him and
the match was underway. Jones reversed a whip and put Coleman down with a
shoulder tackle. Quick Heisman pose by Jones before hitting the ropes again.
Coleman caught on the rebound with a hiptoss...arm drag...Japanese arm
drag...dropkick. Jones took a time out. Coleman dragged Jones back over the
ropes with a side headlock. Nelson called for a break, so Coleman dropped
Jones on his head. Coleman fired a pair of right hands. Coleman telegraphed a
backdrop and Jones countered with a suplex. Jones whipped Coleman hard into
the buckles. Jones charged and Coleman stepped aside. Coleman did his
shuffling punches. Coleman missed on a punch and Jones hoisted him over the
ropes. Coleman hung on for a skin-the-cat headscissors that sent Jones
tumbling over the top. Coleman skinned the cat back inside. Coleman went for
a plancha that appeared to dangerously overshoot the mark, but he got right
up and started punching. Jones whipped Coleman towards the post. Coleman
swung around the post for a baseball slide. He came up empty, landing on the
floor. Jones stomped him. Jones whipped Coleman into the rail and slammed his
head into the apron. Jones rolled Coleman back into the ring and used a
slingshot elbow drop. Jones set spread-eagled Coleman on the middle buckle
for a field goal kick to the nuts. Jones dropped a Vader bomb headbutt to the
groin. Coleman tried for an inverted DDT, but Jones reversed it into an elbow
drop. Nonchalant back cover for two. Coleman came back with a huracanrana for
a near fall. Jones reversed a whip to hit a reverse atomic drop. Jones
whipped Coleman to the ropes and decapitated him with his football
clothesline. 5 minutes gone. Jones dropped an elbow and followed with a
legdrop cover for two. Crowd started to get behind Coleman, who reversed a
whip and did the spin scissors kick. Coleman used the senton/Asai moonsault
combo for a near fall. Jones reversed a whip and Coleman blocked his attempt
at a Northern lights suplex. Coleman tried for the Thermal Shock, but Jones
countered with a release German suplex.

So far so good, but this is where Destiny and Dreams got into the act. Jones
used a Michinoku driver for a two count, as Dreams and Destiny argued inside
the ring. Jones took an unlikely double backdrop from Dreams and Destiny.
Coleman hit a legdrop off the top for a good near fall. Destiny and Dreams
continued to jaw at each other as they stood on the apron. Jones clocked
Coleman with a set of knucks courtesy of Destiny. Coleman barely kicked out
of the pin. Prazak said it was a weird sport. Wilson said it didn't look much
like a sport anymore. Coleman ducked a clothesline and caught Jones with a
hangman neckbreaker that left both men laid out. Dreams and Destiny came off
the top rope with dueling legdrops, Dreams on Jones, Destiny on Coleman. (The
angle from the handheld camera spared the viewers the sight of a perilous
climb to the top rope. It's so refreshing to see consistently good choices
being made on camera angles.) The ref's count reached eight before Jones got
to his feet. Coleman hit the Thermal Shock out of nowhere and cradled Jones.
1..2..3..New champion. Dreams celebrated by applying a liplock on Destiny.

Next up, were highlights from the "holy wars", the War Games match at Freedom
Fight. Prazak called it "beyond the realm of barbaric...the single most
grotesque bloodletting in the history of wrestling." (A bold statement for
sure, but after seeing the match, I wouldn't dispute it.) Prazak said it was
a keeper for all you blood freaks out there. Wilson said history was made
when David Young became the first in Wildside to gain a pinfall on Iceberg,
using a spinebuster off the top rope. Bailey told Adam Jacobs to lay down for
Rainman, but Jacobs turned on the NWA Elite with a surprise roll up pin that
popped the crowd. Jacobs went on to defeat AJ Styles to become the new NWA
Wildside Heavyweight Champion. Then in the postmatch...

Cut to Jacobs standing in the ring with his newly won belt, basking in the
applause of the NCW Arena fans. The music of Suicidal Tendencies kicked in
over the PA. Out came former member of Suicidal Tendencies, John Phoenix, who
left the promotion exactly one year ago after being part of the winning team
(along with Jacobs) at last year's War Games. Phoenix greeted Jacobs with a
big hug and raised his hand in victory. Phoenix invited Jacobs to climb the
ropes and play to the crowd. Big mistake. Phoenix clubbed Jacobs in the back
and brought him off the top with a reverse X factor. Phoenix started stomping
on Jacobs and yelling in his face. Bailey joined Phoenix in the ring. Bailey
basically said that as far as he was concerned Jacobs was a zero, "the runt
of the litter", the guy the Elite had to carry, the guy who only got a belt
because Jason Cross laid down for him. While Bailey was yakking, Phoenix
clotheslined Jacobs. Bailey credited Jacobs with training Jason Cross. Bailey
said Phoenix was going to show Jacobs a real superstar. Phoenix hit Jacobs
with a legdrop off the top rope. Bailey handed Phoenix the mic and started
working over the champion, who lay helpless on the mat.

Phoenix said he was the ace up Bailey's sleeve. He had been sitting at home
for a year, watching the destruction of the legacy of Suicidal Tendencies.
Phoenix said Cross quit like the pussy he always knew him to be. Now Jacobs
had done the same by turning on the Elite. Phoenix said to hell with them. He
was going to bring honor back to the most brilliant mind in professional
wrestling and respect back to the NWA Elite. AJ Styles hit the ring. He ran
Bailey into a flying bump against the cage. Styles gave Phoenix a high
backdrop. The heels bailed out. Phoenix smashed the cage and pointed at


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