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NWA Wildside TV Taping

NWA Wildside returned to the NCW Arena last for a taping that should yield
two very solid hours of television. Nothing that was off the charts
fantastic, but little to complain about either. Hope to see more of Briscoe
Brothers vs. T-N-T, which was the best match of the night. Probably the
biggest news was former World TV Champion, Cru Jones; coming out on the short
end of a loser leaves town match. An energetic crowd of 90 was in the house,
which was up from last time.

1) Derrik Driver & Jeremy V beat Future Shock (Jay Freeze & Brandon P) in
6:18. Driver hit a huracanrana on Freeze almost right off the bat. Tag to V,
who got some offense on Future Shock. Freeze turned the tide with a neat
hotshot maneuver on V. Future Shock did a double team that finished with a
Mr. Wrestling II kneelift by Freeze. Future Shock kept the heat on V,
doubling behind ref Speedy Nelson's back. Freeze got two with a vertical
suplex. V hit a dropkick that got the crowd behind him. Nice tease of the hot
tag as V's desperate reach toward his partner fell short when Freeze grabbed
a leg at the last instant. Future Shock did a Rolling Thunder legdrop
(P)/slingshot senton (Freeze) combo. Driver got the hot tag, but ended up on
the receiving end of the Aftershock. V foiled another double team attempt by
Future Shock, setting Driver up for a frogsplash pin on Freeze. A fine way to
open the show. By a strange coincidence, Freeze had posted his
dissatisfaction with Future Shock's position in Wildside on their website the
day before. Freeze has a valid point in that Future Shock has shown a lot of
improvement, without getting a shot at moving up on the tag team ladder.

2) Rainman (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Rick Michaels by DQ in 3:35. This was
hot. Real good pop for "The Original Chosen One" who had some new gear with
OC1 emblazoned on the trunks. Michaels got some quick offense with a high
knee and suplex. Michaels pursued Rainman to the floor to brawl. Back on the
inside, Rainman hit a leg lariat. Michaels fired back with three left hands.
Michaels took a boot to the face charging into the corner. Bailey choked
Michaels from the floor. Rainman hit a killer version of his Spinesplitta
(Sky High powerbomb). They wound up on the floor just slugging each other in
the face like it was 1980's Memphis. Michaels shoved ref Andrew Thomas, who
called for the DQ. Fans yelled bullshit. Michaels and Rainman told each other
to get fucked. Should make for some great TV.

3) Jimmy Rave beat "Mr. Delicious" Jacey North to retain the NWA World Junior
Heavyweight Title in 6:02. Overall, this was a good match because it played
to the mat wrestling strengths of Mr. Delicious, rather than his athletic
ability. It had been a while since Rave got the strong pop for his entrance
that he did here. They went back and forth with chain wrestling to start
things off. Mr. D dropped Rave with a forearm to the back and followed with
a dropkick to the face for a near fall. Delicious did a Bubba Bomb. Mr. D
used a version of Jinsei Shinzaki's (Hakushi) Nirvana Strangle. Delicious
followed with a fireman's carry into a gutbuster. Delicious did a move that
Gordon Solie used to call a side salto for another near fall. Rave came back
with quick pinning combinations. Rave blistered Delicious with chops and hit
some jarring clotheslines. Rave hit a sitout gourdbuster for a two count.
Delicious planted Rave on the top and did the Iconclasm. Mr. D missed on a
top rope splash. Rave got two with a bridging German suplex. Rave hit a
spinning jackknife powerbomb for the three count...and Mr. Delicious is still
the NWA Virginia Heavyweight Champion.

4) Caprice Coleman & Sweet Dreams & Onyx & Kevin Hardner beat Cru Jones (with
Destiny) & Malakai & Tony Mamaluke & Lazarus (with Lisa) in 7:30. Stip was
that the loser of the fall had to leave Wildside. Lisa came out with a better
look and some serious attitude this time. She got one woman so hot at her
that she carried it out into the parking lot as Lisa was trying to leave.
Lazarus looked like a real natural as a heel. Same look as his Dustin
character though, which was a surprise. Coleman's new royal blue and silver
gear really works. He rudely interrupted the football drill Jones was doing
with Mamaluke and Lazarus. Coleman and Jones started it out. Fans chanted
"One Bad Homo" at Jones. Coleman had his way with Jones, who bailed out after
taking a dropkick. Mamaluke and Onyx were next, with Mamaluke taking some
huge bumps. Onyx dropped Mamaluke on his face out of a gorilla press. Onyx
gorilla pressed him again for a toss over the top rope straight to the floor.
Brutal. Dreams briefly worked on Molokai, and it was Harden vs. Lazarus.
Harden hit a belly to belly suplex and a clothesline that had Lazarus begging
for mercy. Coleman took over on Lazarus, hitting a sitout powerbomb. Lisa got
on the apron to distract, allowing Lazarus to kick Coleman low. The heels
took turns beating on Coleman. Malakai showed some good power moves. Malakai
attacked the babyface corner causing the match to break down to an eight-way
brawl. In the turmoil, Coleman hit the Thermal Shock on Jones for the win.
The postmatch saw Mamaluke lock Dreams in a submission and hit his high angle
back suplex on Coleman. More of Mamaluke vs. Coleman would be sweet.

5) Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay) beat T-N-T (Todd Sexton & Tony Stradlin) in
7:07. Great stuff while it lasted. They cut it short on time due to a
miscommunication, so it sure left the fans wanting more. The set a furious
pace in the opening minute, with Briscoes getting the best of Stradlin. The
Arena was chop city on this night, as Jay and Stradlin exchanged some stiff
ones. Stradlin appeared to get off balance at one point for an accidental
potato shot on Mark. All four got into it, as Mark knocked Sexton off the
apron with a kick and landed a springboard plancha. Mark pulled Stradlin's
leg from the outside to set up Jay for a legdrop two count. When Jay went for
a drop down, Stradlin followed suit and punched him. Tag to Sexton, who hit a
jawbreaker and got two with a dropkick on Jay. Mark hit a springboard
dropkick for a near fall, the got another with a high flying Flair knee. The
momentum shifted to T-N-T when Stradlin shoved Jay right into a superkick
from Sexton. T-N-T got heat on Jay. Tony hit a back elbow. Jay did a dragon
screw legwhip, but Sexton cut off the tag. Jay got a sunset flip, but Sexton
made a tag. Jay hit a dropkick to the shins. Stradlin cut off the ring again.
Stradlin hit a lightning fast powerslam for a near fall. Stradlin whipped Jay
hard into the buckles. Jay countered a superkick with a fireman's carry into
a sitout facebuster. Jay made the tag and Mark came flying off the top with a
kick to Stradlin's knee. Mark planted Stradlin with a brainbuster. Mark hit
an enzuigiri and went for a leglock submission that was broken up by Sexton.
Stradlin used a low blow on Jay. T-N-T destroyed Jay with an incredible
double team with Sexton locking on the tarantula on one side of the ring,
while Stradlin came from the opposite apron with a Van Terminator dropkick.
Just as T-N-T was setting up for another double team, Lost Boyz appeared on
the entrance ramp. Mark took advantage of the distraction to surprise Sexton
with a roll up.

6) Tank vs. Malakai went to a double DQ in 4:43. Least interesting match of
the night. Malakai is reminiscent of Power Plant trainees, he's got the size
and the look, but his ringwork lags behind. Malakai controlled the first few
minutes. He needs to lay those punches in with authority. Tank came back with
a Russian legsweep. Malakai didn't get off his feet much for Tank's
suplexes. Tank hammered Malakai HARD on a senton splash. Tank dumped him out
and went for a chair. Tank nailed Malakai with chairshots to the back.
Malakai came back with a chairshot of his own and tossed Tank into the rail.
Ref signaled for the DQ as they continued to battled on the outside. Tank
suplexed Molokai on the floor and wailed on him with chairshots as they
headed up the ramp.

7) The Rage (Scott Cage & Mike Pittman) beat G-Rated (Kid Xtasy & Kid Kool)
in 8:23. Fast-paced match filled with spots galore. Not the greatest
psychology but lots of fun. It was Xtasy and Cage with the chain wrestling
that has become a staple in Wildside lately. It ended in an exchange of
pinning combinations. Pittman and Kool's each used their quickness to cause
the other to miss moves. Pittman scored with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cage
used his partner's uranage buttbuster on Kool. G-Rated came back with a
double hiptoss on Cage. Pittman got near falls on Kool with a moonsault and a
Northern lights suplex. Xtasy made a blind tag and surprised Pittman with a
clothesline off the top. G-Rated put the heat on Pittman. Xtasy used the
Unprettier. G-Rated did their drop toehold/facebuster to the knee combo.
Pittman rolled out of the way of Kool's 450 splash to make the hot tag. Cage
cleaned house on Xtasy. Kool pulled Pittman out to break up Rage's finisher.
They did a series of dives. Xtasy did a plancha. Cage followed with twisting
springboard plancha. Kool hit a corkscrew. Pittman did a springboard tope
that was pretty awesome. Back inside the ring, Cage did a rocker dropper on
Kool for a near fall. Xtasy hit the Chalupa Crunch on Cage for another near
fall. Pittman did the sitout uranage buttbuster on Xtasy. Kool made the save
and hit and up and over inverted X factor on Pittman. Xtasy went to the top
and took one of those insane crash and burn bumps to the floor that he is
noted for. Rage won it with their nagasateru neckbreaker finisher, with
Pittman coming off the ropes for the neckbreaker. The newly formed team of
"Outlaw" John Dalton and Big Henry Hoss attacked Rage and destroyed them.
Hoss hit a slice 'n dice elbow drop on Pittman. Rage had to be helped to the
back by security.

8) David Young beat Dagon Briggs (with Seven) in 5:08. Match was Ok. Really
just there to get Young a clean win and get on to the postmatch angle. Briggs
was in from IPW with Seven, who is Fluff Dupp in TNA. Briggs said he came to
Wildside for some competition. Young went right to work with swinging
wheelbarrow facebuster, a pair of clotheslines and high backdrop. Seven got
on the apron to distract Young, giving Briggs a chance to land a double ax
blow to the back. Briggs got near falls with a rolling neckbreaker and a leg
lariat. Seven choked Young while the fans chanted "she's a whore tramp."
Young fired back with hard slaps before taking a big flying bump into the
buckles. Briggs worked over Young's hamstrings, even throwing in a quick
spinning toehold. Young hit an enzuigiri, followed by a Shining Enzuigiri.
They countered back and forth, leading to the inevitable spinebuster finish.

Iceberg hit the ring pasting Young with chairshots to the back and head.
Iceberg squashed Young with TWO Ground Zero splashes. Young had to be helped
to the back. It looked like Bailey's health might be in jeopardy with the way
he was having difficulty controlling Iceberg. Bailey pulled out the veggie
peeler, He appeared to put Iceberg in a bizarre trance that soothed the
savage beast.

9) Jeremy Lopez beat Slim J to retain the NWA Wildside Junior Title in 8:43.
J made a good showing in his first shot at a title. Crowd was pulling for J,
as Lopez has got to be the heel in this building. J went hold for hold with
Lopez, who got frustrated and took a powder. J faked a dive and pulled on his
crotch. "What the hell is that?" said Lopez as they went nose to nose. Lopez
wanted a test of strength. J caused more frustration by switching hands on
Lopez. It was all J with a shooting star press, a back suplex, a Russian
legsweep and a twisting splash. Lopez tossed J up in the air. Face meets mat
and Lopez took over. Lopez got J in the Mexican surfboard...once...twice and
then added a camel clutch the third time. Lopez stood on J's throat. J landed
on his feet off a monkey flip, but Lopez came back with a Yakuza kick and a
neckbreaker for a two count. Lopez blocked a rolling reverse cradle and
backdropped J to the apron. J tried for a slingshot move back into the ring,
but Lopez turned it into a powerbomb for another near fall. Lopez got pissed
at the ref for slow counts. J hit a devastating step up roundhouse kick that
left both men on the canvas. J hit a spinkick and then a beauty of a flying
roundhouse for a near fall. J missed on a moonsault. Lopez went to the top. J
had Lopez mounted on his shoulder for his finisher, when Lopez got a forward
rolling cradle for the three count. Applause for J as he was lead away in the
handcuffs. Face turn in the offing?

10) Adam Jacobs beat John Phoenix (with Jeff G. Bailey) by DQ to retain the
NWA Wildside Heavyweight Title in 10:50. The main event was meeting of the
former partners in Suicidal Tendencies. They worked a really good match here.
It's just that at this stage, Jacobs doesn't have babyface charisma close to
the level he had as a heel. Phoenix's flying moves looked great. Jacobs
charged the ring to launch a heated exchange. Jacobs hit a huracanrana and
did a clothesline that sent them both tumbling over the top. Jacobs whipped
Phoenix towards the camera stand. Phoenix moonsaulted to his feet off the
stand, but Jacobs did a back suplex with Phoenix landing on the hardwood with
a sick thud. Jacobs rolled Phoenix back in the ring and covered for two. More
chops. Phoenix countered a spinning headscissors with a hotshot. Very cool.
Jacobs took a chest bump into the buckles off a whip. Phoenix missed on a
corkscrew senton. Jacobs dumped him out and went for a pescado, but Phoenix
caught him in midair with a kick to the face. Back inside, Phoenix turned
Jacobs inside out with a clothesline. Phoenix hit a top rope legdrop for a
near fall. Bailey used his Gucci shoe. Jacobs came back with an inside cradle
at the five minute mark. More interference by Bailey. Phoenix went for some
type of a flip off the top that Jacobs turned into a powerslam. Phoenix did a
somersault legdrop to the back of Jacobs' neck. Phoenix hit a moonsault for a
two count. At eight minutes in, Phoenix dropped his head and took a
superkick. Both men down. Jacobs made the comeback. He got Phoenix in the
tree of woe for his trademark baseball slide/dropkick. That was good for a
near fall. Phoenix caused a Jacobs crotch job on the top. With his height and
flexibility, Phoenix was able to land kicks to the face of Jacobs while
standing. Phoenix tried to climb, so Jacobs shoved him off, with Phoenix
doing a backflip to his feet. Jacobs hit a flying bodypress. Phoenix rolled
through to get a two count. Jacobs tried for a pin using an Oklahoma roll.
Phoenix hit a spinkick and climbed to the top. Jacobs rolled away from his
450 splash.

Jacobs planted Phoenix with a facebuster and Phoenix looked done. Bailey
interfered to save his man. Bailey tossed a chain to Phoenix, who blantantly
clocked Jacobs right in front of ref Andrew Thomas. Bailey ordered Thomas to
make the count. 1...2...Speedy Nelson hit the ring to call for the DQ. Thomas
got into it with Nelson, nailing him with a forearm shot and putting the
boots to him. Phoenix hit a frogsplash. Thomas made his three count. Bailey
grabbed the belt and handed it to Phoenix. Bailey badgered Dan Wilson to
announce Phoenix as the new champion. Wilson refused to do it. Phoenix left
with the title belt and his arms raised in victory, while Jacobs needed help
getting to the back