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liner notes: Bob Dylan -- "Highway 61 Revisited"
the Arabian crossing
the newspaper
the Cream Judge
the Clown
the doll house
live simply
wild animal luxury
the logical poet
the beginning
the universe is erupting
time to interfere
the hundred Inevitables
the buffalo in his mind
just a little illiterate
bravely blowing kisses
all the mysterious juveniles
the true meaning of a pear
the Great Enemy
"go save the world"
"involvement! that's the issue"
two kinds of people
what do you think of that???
"Nietzsche never wore an umpire's suit"
the Insanity Factory
go to sleep
exercises in tonal breath control
the beautiful strangers
Vivaldi's green jacket
the holy slow train
I cannot say the word eye anymore
there is no eye
your rooftop
eye & rooftops & quazimodo