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The Centre has a very good and competitive faculty who have had excellent research and academic experience in India and abroad. The composition of staff speaks upon the diverse kinds of research projects progressing in the centre. Experts in plant genetics, plant pathology, agricultural microbiology, plant physiology and plant biochemistry are available in the centre. Every year atleast one of the Centre's staff go to leading research labs abroad so as to keep the pace of research at par with the world scientific community.

CPMB Staff list:
Prof S Sadsivam Ph D Director
Prof B Thayumanavan Ph D Head (Dept of Biochemistry)
Prof C Padmanaban Ph D Head (Dept of Biotechnology)
Prof A Manickam
Prof M Jayapragasam
Dr P Bala Subramanian
Dr R Bala Saraswathi
Dr Shanmuga Sundaram
Dr Udhaya Suriyan
Dr Parvathi
Dr Krishnaveni
Dr Gnanam
Dr Nirmala Kumari
Mr Mahesh Babu
Mr R Sendil

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