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About CPMB
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The Centre for Plant Molecular Biology is one of the active research sites in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. It was started in the year 1989 (am i right?) under the CPMB scheme of Dept of biotechnology, Govt of India. The goals of CPMB are to improve research and teaching in the area of Plant Biotechnology parelelly. The centre is funded by the Government of India, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and several other national and internation research grants. Research in various branches of agricultual biotechnolgy is in progress at the centre while the centre produces several Masters and Doctoral graduates every year. The centre is an excellent place to begin your career as a research scientist in Agricultural Biotechnology. Being part of an agricultural university and located within the same campus, CPMB has its own unique advantages such as availability of expertise in related fields, facilties for conducting field trials of findings, skilled technicians for conducting genetic crosses etc.

For more information and collaborations, Please contact:
The Director,
Centre for plant Molecular Biology,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore, INDIA, 641 003.
Phone: (91) 422 432 222
Fax : (91) 422 xxx xxx

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