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We are extreme!

Welcome back

Welcome to the Rules part of the Federation. I will explain the rules that you must follow...Or else, your wrestler cannot compete. The Pres (me) says so.

  • Overall Rules:
  • #1- Your wrestler will wrestle 2-3 times a month unless you have an injury. I will put injuries in here... mostly minor injuries.
  • #2- The wrestling show will be under show.html after
  • #3- Any comments will be sent to me or my commisioner

    That is all the Overall rules. Now is the Wrestler Rules.

  • Wrestler Rules

    Your Wrestler cannot:

  • #1- Be taller than 7'2"
  • #2- Weigh above 480lbs.
  • #3- You can't be an indestructible machine because I won't allow it.
  • #4-Most Importantly, your name Cannot(I'm sorry I don't have a lawyer) be a real wrestler's name and same goes with your finishing move.
  • #5-Your wrestler(s) cannot weigh less than than 170 and be smaller than 5'7",unless you are entering a female wrestler.
  • President: Derek Jenkins

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