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Roleplaying Guide

         This is a page or guide, that will hopefully help you become a better 
roleplayer and a better faatasy wrestler. In this guide I will explain the main 
tips and things that I and the other prez use to grade roleplays. please 
read all of it and try and follow some of it in your 

         First of all you always have to remember the most important thing to roleplaying, 
roleplaying success. You cant come out with Hollywood Hogan or Buff Bagwell
and people like that, and make the crowd cheer them on. BE REALISTIC! You 
know when you have a heel wrestler you must make everyone hate him and always talk 
trash. Also dont bring out someone and talk a total different way, like you wouldnt hear the 
Ultimate Warrior, calling someone a "PUSSY" or flicking them off. So please try to act
like the wrestler and his expressions.

         Another tip is to use any colors, or slangs, or saying your wrestler may use. For example,
if you roleplay Bret Hart, you could use purple and pink font in your roleplays. and you
could refer to yourself as the "Excellence of Execution" and all his other nicknames, and 
sayings. thats helps to know that you can really roleplay your character.

         A roleplay really stands out when you put pics in it and even if you could put music! only
use music though if it has to do with the roleplay or it is the wrestlers theme. There
are many place to find your wrestlers background theme, and if you cant just come
see me, i have a few. Please dont put too many pics, noe more then two because 
we dont want your roleplay to get crowded with them.

         Another thing that you can do is show a lot of actions. Make a lot of angles when you
roleplay. Like the angle in the WWF when the blue blazer kept attcking people. you 
can make an angle where anything can happen, be creative. you could make something
happening and your wrestler acts weird for a while and is away on business a lot or 
does something weird, or gets arrested. I dont know just make angles, its helps 
your roleplays.

          Also dont also just make your guys comes down to the ring and talk everytime, make 
them in their dressing room, in a car, limo, plane, jet, at an old arena, anywhere! it just
gets boring when you read the same things surrounding the roleplay everytime.

          When you are doing your roleplays and you want to show an action, or when your
wrestlers not talking, put the actione in this form, just surround it by something and in italics.

**bla bla bla does bla bla bla** 

           You could also surround it with ~.......~, or <.............>, who cares just be creative 
there too. also in your roleplays when you start a new paragraph or you stop talking and
write an action. put spaces between things, so it looks much neater!

           Lastly, all i have to say, is try and write out full good roleplays. dont make your wrestler/s
come out and say one thing and then leave. make it a story plot, and make the roleplay
exciting, nobody likes, short roleplays, an you will definately not win with them either.

thats all but i hope it helps you to become a great roleplayer!