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We are extreme!

Welcome back

President: Derek Jenkins

- Jonathon Hayes: Fully Loaded Color Commentator
- Kevin Schiavone: Fully Loaded Analyst, Pay-Per-View Analyst
- Mark Kelly: Monday Mayhem Color Commentator, Pay-Per-View Color Commentator
- Marissa Hudson: Monday Mayhem Analyst
- Jerry Coachman: Analyst Backup (in case of injuries on Commentators, it will happen, believe me.), Interviewer, Dark Match Commentary
- Jim Cole: Color Commentator Backup, Interviewer, Dark Match Commentary

Ring Announcers:
- Chris Buffer: Fully Loaded Dark Match Ring Announcer; Occassionally will wrestle matches.
- Howard Chimmel: Monday Mayhem Dark Match Ring Announcer
- Howard Myers: Backup Dark Match Ring Announcer
- Tony Pepper: Backup Dark Match Ring Announcer
- Michael Fox: Monday Mayhem Ring Announcer
- Mike Garcia: Fully Loaded Ring Announcer
- Pamela Buffer (Brother of Chris Buffer): Fully Loaded Ring Announcer

- Teddy Silverman: Counts pinfalls at a good pace, won't let much get by him.
- Mike Robinson: Counts pinfalls very fast, not very attentive and let's wrestlers get away with a lot.
- Mike Hebner: Youngest of the EWFF referees, counts extremely fast but lets wrestlers get away with anything and everything.
- Jimmy Long: Counts pretty fast, doesn't let wrestlers get away with much.
- Jack Korderas: Counts at a good pace, let's wrestlers get away with what normal refs do.
- Henry Pfaff: Counts at a good pace, doesn't get distracted easily.
- Earl Finkelman: Counts at a good pace, very stringy.
- Charles Doan: Counts very slowly, pretty average ref.
- Billy White: Counts just a little faster than average, pretty average ref.

Front Office:
- Derek Jenkins: President (If you haven't noticed).



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