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Final Comments and Pictures


The Unpacked Kit
Ribbon Lining
End-Piece Set
Guitar Top
Top Bracing
Guitar Back
Back Bracing
Attaching the Back
Attaching the Top
Edge Bindings
Fitting the Neck
Truss Rod
Fitting the Nut
Grain Filling
Attaching the Neck
Attaching the Bridge
Saddle and Nut
It's Done!
All in all, this was a great experience and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The guitar sounds pretty good - I'd like a richer low end, but it still sounds quite acceptable, and the action came out quite nice.

I do intend on making another guitar. After I take a break from it for a little while and get some other projects done, I'll decide on whether to do another kit, or to go for broke and try making a guitar completely from scratch. I've picked up a bending iron to practice bending sides; I may just buy some quarter sawn cherry and practice making necks and sides, and when I get a set of sides and a neck that seems pretty good, I'll stop practicing and build the rest of it! :-) Until then, I'm just going to enjoying playing an instrument that I actually assembled myself!

And as you can see for yourself from the picture below, the guitar also meets with Bengal's approval.


A high-res image of the guitar is available here. If you're interested, a real audio file of some strumming on the completed guitar is also available. Note that it's a CD quality file, and so is pretty big - too large for a modem to handle playing in real time, so you'd probably have to download it to your local hard disk and play it from there.

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