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Filling The Grain


The Unpacked Kit
Ribbon Lining
End-Piece Set
Guitar Top
Top Bracing
Guitar Back
Back Bracing
Attaching the Back
Attaching the Top
Edge Bindings
Fitting the Neck
Truss Rod
Fitting the Nut
Grain Filling
Attaching the Neck
Attaching the Bridge
Saddle and Nut
It's Done!

After the guitar is sanded smooth with 150 - 180 grit sand paper, if the guitar is made from an open pore wood such as mahogany, the grain should be filled with a grain filling compound so that the lacquer can obtain a smoother finish. The spruce top does not get filled; only the sides, back and neck. Here's a couple photographs from after the grain filler was applied. I had never used grain filler before; I probably could have done a better job in smoothing out the filler and removing more of the excess instead of leaving it up to the final sanding stage - it would have saved my arm muscles a little!

This is the body after some of the finish sanding is complete - it still has a ways to go.

After the guitar is finished-sanded up to 400 grit paper, it's time to apply the finish.

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