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Installing the Adjustable Truss Rod


The Unpacked Kit
Ribbon Lining
End-Piece Set
Guitar Top
Top Bracing
Guitar Back
Back Bracing
Attaching the Back
Attaching the Top
Edge Bindings
Fitting the Neck
Truss Rod
Fitting the Nut
Grain Filling
Attaching the Neck
Attaching the Bridge
Saddle and Nut
It's Done!

All the Martin kits come with adjustable truss rods. The neck is pre-machined with a groove to accept this truss rod. The truss rod is epoxied into the slot to ensure as strong a bond as possible between the metal jacket of the truss rod assembly and the wood of the neck.

After the truss rod has been glued into place, the top of the guitar must have a slot routed in it to clear the truss rod.

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