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Gluing the Back onto the Sides


The Unpacked Kit
Ribbon Lining
End-Piece Set
Guitar Top
Top Bracing
Guitar Back
Back Bracing
Attaching the Back
Attaching the Top
Edge Bindings
Fitting the Neck
Truss Rod
Fitting the Nut
Grain Filling
Attaching the Neck
Attaching the Bridge
Saddle and Nut
It's Done!

Both the top and the bottom need to be properly fitted into the sides of the guitar. This involves trimming back the major braces until they extend past the lining and just touch the sides, and trimming back the rest of the braces so that they will fall just inside of the lining of the sides. Where the major braces touch the lining, the lining pieces are cut and removed to allow the top and back to fall snugly into place. You'll be able to see this on the next page.

Gluing the top and bottom onto the sides involves fitting the sides back into the form, spreading glue along the linings and edges of the sides, and clamping the bottom or top to the sides until the glue is dry. Initial clamping was done with a cam clamp holding down each end of the back, and then stretching 5" and 7" rubber bands between the L hooks that make up the form to provide the bulk of the clamping pressure. Enough rubber bands were added until all edges of the bottom were held firmly against the sides of the guitar.

The next page shows the bottom attached to the sides.

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