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Updated: 4th November 2004

Welcome to the home page of the Internet Adventures. To see what's new, click here.

Originally arising from the alt.drwho.creative newsgroup just prior to the 1996 telemovie, they've taken on an existance of their own: there are now over fifty IAs of various sorts. The stories range from light-hearted romps and fanwanky indulgence to gritty intensity and literary exploration. However, what makes the IAs different from other fan fiction is that they are Moderated Round Robin stories - in other words, each chapter is written by a different author, the allocation (and policing) of chapters being handled by one of the hard-working moderators.

At the time the IAs started, Virgin Publishing had just lost the licence under which they had quite successfully been publishing two ranges of Doctor Who novels: The New Adventures, which detailed the ongoing story of the Seventh Doctor; and the Missing Adventures, solo books that would detail an adventure of one of the previous Doctors and his companions that happened "off screen" as it were between the TV episodes. Naturally, these two ranges were referred to as NAs and MAs respectively, so substituting 'I' for 'N' gave the round robin series its own referential name. When the decision was made to do a past Doctor RR, those stories were for quite obvious reasons called Missing Internet Adventures after the second range of Virgin novels. Every time a new IA spin-off was created, the letter in front of IA was changed, thus producing the acronyms visible on the menu bar above.

The mailing list is a good place to start if you'd like to join in the fun. There is also a brief FAQ available that serves essentially the same purpose as this site but in a more portable form.

You will need a minimum screen width of 800 pixels and a browser compliant with HTML 4.0 to view some sections of this site - the current versions of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer & Firefox all fulfil this requirement.

Latest News

Can you draw? A lot of the authors would be really chuffed to see illustrations of some scenes from these stories, but unfortunately none of us seem to have the necessary talent... If you think you might be able to help, please contact us.

2004.11.04Page for WIA #1 completed: chapters & new cover uploaded.

WIA receive logo.

2004.11.01 Page for IA #29 established; first 6 chapters posted. IA#29 marks the first IA appearance of the TARDIS crew featured in the new series of Doctor Who to be screened in 2005.

Site design updated to counter Angelfire's add-on code problems.

Current Doctor IAs receives a new logo and cover style. New links on IA page.

MIA #22 updated to new format.

2004.04.16 Preliminary page for IA #28 established; first chapter posted. IA#28 marks the first IA appearance of the TARDIS crew featured in the Scream of the Shalka webcast.

IA #17: Bric-A-Brac finally gets a propper cover, a page in the Discon Guide started for it, as well as properly formatted chapters, leaving IAs #3 - #16, plus a whole lot of the other *IAs still to. do.

2004.03.13 IA #27 completed.

Four chapters -- Chapter 1 by Paul Gadzikowski, Chapter 2 by Molly Schlemmer, Chapter 3 by Odd Rod & Chapter 6 by Jon Andersen -- are subsequently nominated for a 2003 Adric award for best chapter in a round robin; the story itself also receives a nomination for the Best Round Robin. Chapter 1 goes on to win.

2003.09.13 IA #26 completed. Preliminary page for IA #27 established.

Da Mod aka Bex Mod aka Rebecca Dowgiert returns from self imposed exile and begins IA #27 - the first IA featuring Richard E Grant's as yet unseen 9th Doctor.

2003.06.30 Work still progressing on uniformly formatting the chapters of the IAs: #2 - #14 are still missing their chapters altogether, #15 - #17 are incorrectly formated, while #1 and #18 - #26 are all in order.

New cover design implemented for the IAs and MIAs; the logos are visible on their respective pages. Covers designed and uploaded for IAs #20, #21 and #23, while new covers have been made for #18, #25 & #26.

2003.03.17 Work still progressing, but site has been updated to HTML 4.0 standard to facilitate reading the individual chapters.

New page begun for Internet Adventure #26 - "Not Even A Whisper"

2003.02.06 The extant portions - IA, MIA & Guide pages - of this site 'rescued' from temporal stasis at www.cix.co.uk/~who and relocated along with webmastery duties here. Logo and layout revamped, and updates made to include the five IAs completed since 2000 and the one due to begin quite soon now.

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