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Gamcube FAQ

Is there going to be another Nintendo system released that will rival Sega's Dreamcast and Sony's Playstation 2?

Yes, there is.  Nintendo has even said themselves that they will be releasing a new system. Click here to see several pictures of it, footage of some of the games, and pictures of some of the games.

What is the name of the new system going to be?

The official name is Nintendo Gamecube, but we will refer to it as N-Cube throughout this FAQ.

Will the new system be backwards-compatible with Nintendo 64, just like Playstation 2 is backwards-compatible with all original Playstation games?

There is no chance whatsoever of there being backwards-compatibility.  The main point is that the new system uses specialized DVDs (click here to see a picture of one) which can hold up to 1.5 Gb (1,500 Mb), while N64 cartridges only hold up to 64 Mb.  Nintendo is also trying to keep the price of the system as low as possible and they decided that this feature just isn't necessary.  Forget about it!

How much will N-Cube cost?

At one point, there was a rumor of a price as low as $99, but don't count on it.  The price will be similar to Dreamcast's $199, but may be as high as PlayStation 2's $299 price tag.

What games are currently in the works for N-Cube?

Click on any of the titles that are blue to see some multimedia for that particular game.

1. 1080 Snowboarding 2
2. Banjo-Kazooie 3
3. FIFA 2001
4. Donkey Kong
5. Luigi's Mansion
6. Mario 128
7. Meowth's Party
8. Metroid
9. Perfect Dark 2
10. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2
11. Too Human
12. Wave Race 2
13. Zelda
14. Kobe Bryant Basketball Cube
15. Thunder Rally
16. Resident Evil 0
17. Madden 2001
18. SSX: Special Edition
19. Eternal Darkness
20. Tetris Cube
21. Dinosaur Planet
22. A Football Game From Retro Studios
23. A First-Person Shooter From Retro Studios
24. A RPG From Retro Studios
25. Thornado

Will Game Boy Color connect to N-Cube?

No, Nintendo is coming out with another Game Boy System, codenamed GameBoy Advance. This new Game Boy will have limited 3D graphic capabilities, meaning that Nintendo could port old SNES games, as well as some N64 games to it. Game Boy Advance should come out at around the same time as N-Cube. New Games has created a Game Boy Advance FAQ. You can check it out by clicking here.

Will the system be able to play DVD movies?

Nintendo has said that N-Cube will not have the ability to play DVDs or CDs.  They say that they are, "just focusing on great games, not extra features," like movie playback.  The system does however have an MPEG-2 decoder, meaning that a game could have DVD-quality cinema scenes.

Several sites have put up some screen shots that they say are from N-Cube.  Are they real?

Some of them may be fake, but the shots found here are real. Just head on over to our N-Cube multimedia section to view them.

What are the technical specifications of the system?

Processor: IBM Gekko (clock speed: 405 MHz)
Memory-type: 1T-SRAM
Amount of memory: Approx. 24 Mb with 16 Mb video RAM
Memory bus bandwidth: 3.2 Gb/second
Graphics chip: ArtX custom-made chip (clock speed: 202.5 MHz)
Amount of memory in graphics chip: 16 Mb
Maximum polygon count: 9 million on-screen, with full effects per second
Software medium: Proprietary DVD (4.7 Gb maximum storage)

Will N-Cube have a modem?

Nintendo will release two add-on devices. One, is a 56K modem which you insert into the bottom of the system. The other is a boradband adapter, meaning that you could split your DSL or Cable Modem connection and connect it to your N-Cube. Click here to see a picture of the modem, and click here to see a picture of the broadband adapter.

What is N-Cube's release date?

Nintendo has said they will try to release the system in November 2001.

Last Updated: 02/17/01
Created by: John McDaniel
Logo by: John McDaniel

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Mario 128 Demo
Meowth's Party Demo
Zelda Demo
Rogue Squadron 2
Perfect Dark 2 Demo
Luigi's Mansion
Too Human

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