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Gamcube and Game Boy Advace FAQs


The Japanese GBA plays all US and Japanese Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and GBA games. To order it, click here to go to a Japanese import retailer. The system, by itself, is $119.99 and $159.99 with one game.

The Pokemon Plant recommends that you wait for the US release, so that, first off, the games will be in English, and some bugs in the system/games will be fixed for the US version. Just thought we'd pass along that info:)

Welcome to the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance FAQ! This FAQ was made to inform Pokemon Plant readers of the two new upcoming systems from Nintendo, which will have some AMAZING looking Pokemon Games.

If you take a quick glance to your left, you will see links directing you towards the Gamecube and GBA FAQs. Located directly under that is a link to the multimedia section (described in the paragraph below). Here you will find footage of most of the games, pictures of the system, and screenshots-a-plenty. There's loads of info to keep you busy for hours...uhh...I mean wait...let's just say for a small portion of your day.

Now take a look to your right. Here, you will find multimedia for some of the announced Gamecube games. Although most of them are just screenshots, Mario 128, Meowth's Party (info below), and Rogue Squadron 2 all have video footage. For footage of the other games, look to the left once more and go to the main multimedia page. There, you will find a video reel with footage of all of the future games.

The first Pokemon game that was previewed features the lovable Team Rocket Pokemon, Meowth. In the demo, Meowth begins playing a song in Japanese. After a while, a bunch of Pokemon burst into the room, so that they can listen to Meowth's concert. Head on over to the Gamecube Multimedia section to check out screen shots and a video of the song and dance number.

Last Updated: 02/17/01
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Mario 128 Demo
Meowth's Party Demo
Zelda Demo
Rogue Squadron 2
Perfect Dark 2 Demo
Luigi's Mansion
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