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Game Boy Advace FAQ

Is there going to be another Game Boy system released?

Yes, there is.  Nintendo has said themselves that they will be releasing a new system.

What is the name of the new system going to be?

The official name has not been decided on yet.  Nintendo has code-named their next system Game Boy Advance.

Will the new system be backwards-compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles?

Yes. Nintendo has stated that the Game Boy Advance should be able to play all original Game Boy and Game Boy color titles.

How much will GBA cost?

When the system is released in Japan, it will cost 9,800 yen (a little over US$89). You should expect similar pricing in the United States when it's released here -- a good bet would be a suggested retail price of $89.99.

What games are currently in the works for GBA?

The games on the list below have been officially announced. Click on the the first five game names to view a screen shot of that game.

1. Mario Kart Advance
2. Ougon no Taiyo
3. Napoleon
4. Kuru Kuru Kururuin
5. Golden Sun
6. Waiwai Racing Advance
7. Silent Hill AGB
8. Golf Master AGB
9. Momotaro Matsuri
10. Mega Man EXE
11. F-Zero Advance
12. Game Boy Wars Advance
13. Tactic Ogre Gaiden
14. Fire Emblem Anko no Miko
15. Horseracing Creating Derby
16. Hanasaki Kasen
17. Magical Vacation
18. Wario Land 4
19. Wai Wai Racing Advance
20. Golf Master
21. Silent Hill
22. Star Communicator
23. Mail de Cute
24. Monster Breeder
25. Circle of the Moon
26. HatenaSatena
27. Pinobii no Daibouken
28. Morita Shogi Advanced
29. Momotarou Matsuri
30. Bomberman Story
31. Tuidi to Mahou no Houseki
32. Top Gear All Japan GT
33. Pocket GT Advance
34. Minna to Issho
35. Advanced Fire Pro Wrestling
36. Sansara Naga
37. Super Black Bass 4 Advance
38. Digi-Communication
39. Dokapon
40. Doraemon
41. Hello Kitty Miracle Collection
42. Matsumoto Space Hexcite X
43. Boku wa Kouku Kanseikan
44. Mugen Kikou Zero Tours
45. Winning Post
46. Magical Vacation

Will GBA connect to N-Cube?

Yes, click here to see a shot of two GBAs connected to N-Cube.

What does GBA look like?

GBA is supposed to be wide (like Game Gear), not tall (like Game Boy Color). Below are five pictures of the actual GBA system.

Will the system be able to play 3D games?

In a way, yes. The SNES had what a "Mode 7" chip that allowed it to have simple 3D games (like Star Fox). The GBA has something similar to this, but can handle more 3D effects. So far, a demo of Yoshi's Story (the N64 version) has been ported over to the Game Boy Advance and looks just as it would on your TV-set. If Nintendo can turn out GBA games that look this good, I don't think they will have any problem selling it.

Several sites have put up some screen shots that they say are from GBA.  Are they real?

They might be (Nintendo has released 5-10 screen shots already), but they could be pictures of other N64 games, shrunk down in size.

What are the technical specifications of the system?

Processor: 32-Bit ARM with embedded memory
Screen: 2.9 inches, 240x180 resolution, and 65,535 possible colors
Size: 135w x 80h x 25d
Weight: 140g
Batteries: 2 AA
Battery life: 20 hours
Software medium: Cartridge

What is GBA's release date?

The official US release date is June 11, 2001.

Last Updated: 02/17/01
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