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New Cover for "The Butcher's Son" from Untreed Reads

20 January 2015

Reviewer Amos Lassen has posted a review of The Good Cop Audiobook which you can read by clicking

Trumpets and Drums!!

Untreed Reads publishing kicks off of its acquisition of the popular Dick Hardesty Mystery series beginning 01-14-15 with special pre-order offers for the first reissued book of the series, The Butcher's Son. (The official release date is slated between February 5 and 7.

Specially-priced pre-orders are now being taken through Untreed Reads only, with two strong incentives to buy:

1. All pre-ordered books will, unless otherwise requested, be individually signed by the author.

2. All pre-orders will receive a special 25% discount--$13.50 as opposed to the regular price of $18.00.

This offer will, incidentally, benefit not only the buyer, but the author, whose royalties are considerably higher with publisher-sold books.

For more information or to order click here.

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