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Dorien Grey's books previously out of print are being rereleased by Untreed Reads.
Check back as each book is published.

Untreed Reads continues to rerelease the Dick Hardesty series.  The latest rerelease is The Paper Mirror; it's now available as an ebook, paperback, and hard cover:
Cover of "The Paper Mirror"

The Role Players and The Popsicle Tree are now available and have been released at Untreed Reads; they are also available from Amazon:
Cover of The Role Players   Cover of "The Popsicle Tree"

The Dirt Peddler was next in the rereleased books from Dorien Grey.  You can order it Untreed Reads or Amazon as an ebook, a paperback, or a large print version:

The Bottle Ghosts
, a previously out of print book from Dorien Grey, can now be ordered from  Untreed Reads or Amazon
in paperback or as an ebook:
Cover of The Dirt Peddler
Cover of The Bottle Ghosts

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