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Dorien Grey's books previously out of print are being rereleased by Untreed Reads.
Check back as each book is published.

The Secret Keeper, the latest  in UntreedReads rerelease of Dorien's books previously out of print, is now available in a variety of formats at their website.
It's also available from Amazon.

And some really exciting news: Dorien's four John books and his "different
king of western," Calico, are being moved to UntreedReads.  All of Dorien's
books will now be under one publisher.  These five book should be
released in 2017.
Cover of "The Secret Keeper"

Below are the most recent rereleases from UntreedReads
of Dorien's previously out-of-print books; click on the covers for links to purchase:

Cover of "The Angel Singers"
Cover of "The Dream Ender" Cover of "The Paper Mirror" Cover of "The Role Players" Cover of "The Popsicle Tree" Cover of "The Dirt Peddler" Cover of "The Bottle Ghosts"

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