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The Earth Against the Skies

A note from Dorien's webmaster:  Roger--Dorien Grey--was my nearest and dearest friend.  And I am still trying accept his death. But life goes on and Roger would not have wanted me--or his readers--to dwell on his death; rather, he would want you to read his books and blogs and remember him with fondness and love.  He considered those books his legacy.  I will continue to do what I can to see that that legacy continues.  And I will be reposting earlier blogs on the same schedule, Mondays and Thursdays, and updating the site as reissues of his books are released.  Publishers of the Dick Hardesty series and the John series have been gracious and, as the executor, I'll be working closely with them to keep the books out there and in print.  If there is a favorite blog you would like to see again, please let me know.  And if I can answer any questions, please ask.  I know I speak for Roger when I say thank you for the wonderful and heartening outpouring of love for this most unique man, my friend Roger Margason--Dorien Grey. 

The latest re-release of an earlier Dorien Grey book with be on December 15: The Bottle Ghosts.  The book can be pre-ordered by clicking on the cover:

Cover of "The Bottle Ghosts"

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