Dorien Grey's
Video Trailers

Book with Dorien Grey on Cover

These videos were made when Dorien's books were published by a different press; therefore,
the covers are different from the current covers. The web site listed on some of the videos is also
incorrect;  it is now
Obviously, the email address is not valid; please address
questions or suggestions to:

The Serpent's Tongue:

Cover of "The Serpent's Tongue"

Dante's Circle:
Cover of "Dante's Circle"

The Peripheral Son:
Cover of "The Peripheral Son"

The Secret Keeper:
Cover of "The Secret Keeper"

Caesar's Fall:
Cover of "Caesar's Fall"

Aaron's Wait:
Cover of "Aaron's Wait"

The Angel Singers:
Cover of "The Angel Singers"

His Name Is John:
Cover of "His Name Is John"

The Good Cop:
Cover of "The Good Cop"

The Dream Ender:
Cover of "The Dream Ender"

The Paper Mirror:
Cover of "The Paper Mirror"

Cover of "Calico"

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