[Black Ribbon Campaign for Vampire Awareness]
[Black Ribbon Campaign for Vampire Awareness]

[Real Vamp Resources]

::THE FAQ'S:: - you got questions?

::THE BLACK VEIL:: - The 13 rules of the community, a vampire etiquitte if you will

::TERMINOLOGY:: - List of vampire associated terms and their meanings

::SO YOU WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE:: - A small dose of the myths and realities

::AWAKENING:: - A further defination of the term.

::NORMAILLITY/GOING BACK:: - Don't think your "normal"? Do you want to 'go back'?

::TURNING/EMBRACING:: - A short note on the subject of *making* a vampire

::BLOOD/FEEDING TIPS:: - General safety tips on bloodletting and feeding

:: RECIPES:: - Blood recipes and sanguinary/non sanguinary vampy drinks (updated 04.11.03)

::PSY/PSI FEEDING:: - What it is and a simple 'how to'

::HIERARCHY AND EGO:: - A look at those within groups, organisations who use status and rank to appear somehow 'better'

::A MORAL EXISTANCE:: - Morality, guilt and the modern day vampire

::HUNTERS - SLAYERS:: - Personal thoughts

::SUBMIT ARTICLES:: - What we are looking for and how to submit

::LINKS:: - Vampires in cyberspace [links open in new window]


::PORPHYRIA:: - Link to USA foundation

::RENFIELD'S SYNDROME:: - Also referred to as 'Clinical Vampirisim'

::OTHERKIN:: - More than vampires roam this realm (updated 12.08.03)

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