[Psi Feeding]

'Psychic/Psi vampire: Someone who feeds from energy, drains life-energy rather than blood from others. Technically speaking in some views, psychic vampire is a vampire who is psychic while a psi-vampire is a vampire who feeds on energy, preferably emotional energy.' (terminology)

Every living thing has a lifeforce, pranic energy whether plant or animal. It is this that is required to sustain, 'feed' the psychic vampire who just like their sang (Sanguinarian) or blood drinking counterparts are energy deficient, require more than they themselves can produce or for some reason lose or 'leak' it all to quickly and must constantly replace it (insert reason here _________, they are too numerous to even begin discussing). It is worth remembering however, that simply being an energy manipulator, which anyone can learn to do, and purposely, without need or requirement plain out stealing or messing with other peoples energy does not a vampire make. Most real psy vamps will discover that they can and do unconciously feed, which can incorporate such things as astral or dream visitations where energy is taken. It's instinct, self preservation and the body will reach out for nourishment.

This is done in various ways, it's all down to personal choice, some prefer either singular individuals or large crowds (much better as only small ammounts are taken from each person minimising the risk of harm) others may be exclusively sexual prefering to feed on the huge ammount of energy expelled during sexual contact and there are some who prefer to go straight to the (purest) source, nature itself (elemental vampirism) utilizing the vast energy found in storms etc.

This is a simple excersise in psy/psi feeding and a well fed vamp is far less likely to uconciously feed, or go 'sleep snacking' ;)

Firstly, focus on breathing and relaxation, learn to feel and become aware of your own energy and aura, when you can do this even with outside distraction focus and concentrate on your potential donor(s), sense, feel, see the energy around them. That done, picture tendrills of energy projecting from yourself (some also like to use a 'tube') and see them 'latch' onto that donors energy and imagine it being pulled back, drawn into you through those tendrills, or tube, will it in with each inhalation

Simple, but generally effective and the high level of focus required should come easier, more naturally to a psy vamp.

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