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This page was last updated on
Thursday August 12, 2004

This website is updated whenever I have time.... like once a year. This is a one woman webpage, it is made up of my own thoughts and opinions. If you don't agree with me or like my opinions, please feel free to rant and rave in my guestbook.

It's back to school time! At least for you kiddos it is. For me it's work, work and work some more. See I have been working 2 jobs. One is at Sears. I am warning you people now, you do NOT want to work there, not as an MCA anyway. They work you to death. They expect you to be able to cover the whole juniors, misses, petites and womens section. This is my one and only warning kids, I wish someone had warned me. But no worries I quit. Sunday is my last day, that is if I decide to show up, MUaWAHaHA! Anyway no new concerts that I know of coming up. WuTang's Rock The Bells was insanely oversold. I think I am gonna retire from concerts for a while. Well that's it for my update.
If you're as bored as I am (which you must be if you're reading my site) read my journal. That should keep you occupied for a while, here's a link: CaliSage's Xanga

Or even better go play at ISketch it's fun i'm so glad my friends at the Lunaboards brought my attention to it.
There is a new "theme" park in Bellflower, California. It opened a year ago or so, and I still haven't gone, but I plan to, sometime. It features a skateboarding area, biking area, tennis courts, basketball courts, paintball, rockclimbing, and other stuff. Here is their site HollyWood Sports

Heres another entertaining link Fun

When will the madness end?

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