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Hip Hop Artists

May 8th, 2003 What's Happenin'

So hiphop and rap concerts in Cali seem to be scarce lately. 50 cent will be at the House of Blues in Hollywood on May 18 & 19th, so y'all better get your tickets now! Looks Jurassic 5 are performing soon, but not around here. On April 18, the 420 Harvest Festical is coming to San Bernardino. of course it's featuring Cypress Hill, but those of you that know anything about anything should have already known that.

So I hear Method Man and Redman are in the process of making another album together. All I can say is, it's about damn time! Their last album was so tyte, I was hoping they would perform together,so hopefully they will to promote the album!

Okay, soo Def Jam Vendetta is now available in stores. I played it the other day, and it's basically a wrestling fighting game. Each fight doesn't end until one of you gets pinned. It totally wore out my fingers, and the way my bf was playing, I was afraid he was gonna break my PS2 controller.

Yeah so that's all for now, if any of you all know any concerts going around Cali, feel free to drop me a note in my mesage book.