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Hanauma Bay
Known for snorkling in the reefs. Don't be fooled by the beautiful clear blue water. To take a dip in paradise this tourist trap
will cost you...$1.00 for parking, $3.00 to go inside the Bay, $.50 if you wanna ride down the hill to the dang Bay, $norkel
rentals & another $1.00 for a ride back up the dang hill to your car!

Yep, my cheap ass is
getting in the dang Bay

Nope, her cheap ass did not get in the dang Bay

Before the big trek down the
hill or mountain!

Char's sexy beach photo

Kailua Beach
Known for windsurfers, kayaking & of course peeing.
The water is calm, so if you can't swim, but need to pee you'll be safe at this beach.

surfing or peeing?
Rizza's sexy beach photo
Driving around Oahu
Off roaded in the rental
to take pics here?

Kualoa Park
As we headed back to Waikiki we saw cows, horses, plantations & this park.

Any where there's a
sign & its free I'll take the pic

China Man's Hat
Behind us.

Jurasic Park

Who you hiding?

Polynesian Cultural Center
Just our luck we came across this, found out how much it cost & kept on driving!

A free pic w/a tiki
Where's the Mai Tai?

Cheap asses pulled to the side for the photo opp.

Nope was to dang cheap to
even go inside.
You've seen 1 fire breather
seen em all.

The Center was so
awesome I learned a lot!

Oceans Night Club

Honolulu, Hawaii

Ebert, Oyet & Rizza

Char, Rizza, Oyet & Ebert

Straight from Cali
The new singing sensations
"The Flipets"

They just arrived

The Flipoids

Never been in love

Could be in love.

In love

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