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Char & Rizza's hotel balcony.
Yes, even the ghetto hotels have a nice view.

King Kam's Palace

King Kam's bldg

King Kam

Paradise Cove Luau Village
45 minutes from Waikiki

Who has the better smile?
Okay who's got the drunk smile?


Driving drunk in Oahu!

The man of her dreams!
He's got a tatoo of the islands on his back just in case he gets lost!

Lei on head & wrist
comes w/package. So, hell ya I"m makin me one!

True paradise

The Flip crew

Who's the tourist now?

The Pig

Last call w/Antz

The lonely pinays so eager to
see some flesh!

The King he's behind me...ugh huh!

Your tiki hut or mine!

Shake it
don't break it
took mama 9 months to make it!

The highlight of the luao
was seeing R1zza have
her solo "rumpshaker"
dance w/her "King!"

I'm getting dizzy!

Brew Moon Brewery
Downtown, Honolulu

Time release alcohol
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