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Waimea falls Park
North Beach
Haleiwa, HI

For just $12 you get to enter this beautiful park. Of course you get fooled by "fallS." Actually there is only ONE fall, in which you have to wait an hour to go up the dang mtn. Thats if you don't get pushed over by some angry fat granny who can't wait her dang turn. Once your up the dang mtn you are entertained by hula dancers & musicians. The highlight is to see 2 cliff divers dive 50 feet into the water. Unfortunately, one of the divers is as old as Jack Lalane, but as fit. And well, the other...he was a state champ in highschool for diving. Then again that was in highschool. So, after paying your $12, you have to decide "do I get in the water w/algae or not? How many people have peed in this water?" Just to say you've been in the dang water fall! So, if you want to so desperately see a waterfall, your best bet is just to turn on the faucet & watch it "fall!"

Char's sexy water fall pic.

The famous Waimea Water fall!

Rizza's sexy water fall pic

The newest cliff diver makes her first jump!

The real cliff divers.
Look at those hot man boobs!

Ebert the Great
landing the swan dive

Paradise gets better!

Paid $12 might as well get in!

Near the waterfall

Duke's Restaurant
Waikiki, Hawaii
Inside the Outrigger

Single & free

Ready to get wasted!

Last night of our trip

Eat, drink & be merry!
Hell $20 for steak w/ FIVE shrimps we'd better be merry!

BedRoq Bar & Grill
Near Diamond Head

Last night for the tourists

Proof we were here

Hangin Loose

Riz & the fellas

To a great vacation

Char & the fellas

Hang loose Chris

Chris, Eddy, Eric

So, this is what the locals do.

Give me beer & I'm good to go

5 nights of partying...I can't hang!

5th shot of the night

Beer slut

Beer buds

Chris & Char

Zippys Restaurant

Grubbin at Zippys

The famous Zippys

The bacon left over from the luao pig
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