THE Great Dashukta Master

Welcome seekers of wisdom to the secret mountaintop sanctuary of the Great Dashukta Master.  The master is hard to categorize, but we can say he's sort of like a old guru type guy who shares his knowitallisms with the general populace.  The master began his ancient beginnings in some random place that we probably cannot pronounce.  The master then packed his bags and moved to a mountaintop of his liking when RPP approached his wrinkled self.  Since then he has given answers to various questions and queries.  In this new place of RPP the Dashukta will now provide additional services which include a dear Dashukta column and occasional random bits of wisdom.  He is easily contacted through his e-mail at Great Dashukta Official E-mail or through the RPP boards at Dashukta board .

And now a bit of wisdom from the Great Dashukta Master: 8/29/05

Words of Wisdom from the Great Dashukta Master:

Woah! Steady on their, Paul. Where do you think youíre going with my chair? Youíre taking it because I havenít been writing my fair share of Words of Wisdom lately? But Iíve been busy! Doing what? Why doing stuff, of course. Um, Dashukta-ey stuff. No I canít tell you what, it would blow your mortal mind. Hey! I resemble that remark! Come on, just hang on for a couple more minutes and Iíll have the Words of Wisdom ready for you, Ok? Great.
Hello mortal beings from across the multiverse, I, the Great Dashukta Master has returned with more of my Amazing Wisdom of Total Awesomeness to bestow upon your consciousnesses. So what is it with people and thong underwear? I mean, isnít wearing a thong like having a permanent wedgie? What was that, Paul? Hey, thongs are not too risqué. I would disagree, they canít be rated any higher than PG-13. Oh, alright, if you insist. Ahem, Sorry about that, folks. Alright then. Could someone please turn down the heat? Its stifling in here. How is a great guru of unimaginable greatness supposed to get anything done when the comfy warmth keeps putting him to sleep? Iím not kidding, nice toasty warmth is sleep-inducing. Not so hot that youíre uncomfortable, though. Iím talking about a nice warm temperature where you can comfortably lounge about in your favorite comfy chair wearing naught but your boxers and a t-shirt and be perfectly acclimated to the ambient temperature. Thereís just something about that heat range that lulls one into a stupor. And when not sleeping, one can hardly be expected to concentrate on anything unpleasant, like work or studying, while one is so comfortable. Excessive heat just addles your brain, and you spend all your time and brain functions thinking about how blasted hot it is. Thatís why temperatures just slightly lower than optimal are ideal for thinking. The lack of comfy warmth keeps you from falling asleep while not being so cold as to cause you to think about nothing but the chill and start looking for a place or means to get warm (by the way, trying to warm your hands be pressing them against your significant otherís nice warm back is not recommendedóunless you want to see her jump and squeal from the shock and surprise). So there you go, one G-rated Words of Wisdom from the great Dashukta Master complete with a lack of extensive discussion of non-butt covering undergarments. Can I have my chair back now?


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