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Personal Info



I was born in Norfolk, Virginia on March 27, 1980.  Yes, I am a Navy brat and proud of it.  I come from a big family consisting of  five children and my parents, Rodolfo and Francia Sales. I am the middle child with my two older brothers, Sonny and Jun and my younger brother and sister, Ronald and Maria. I used to hate being the middle child, but now that I think about it, it wasn't too bad.

We moved to California almost a year after I was born staying in Long Beach for about 6 months and then finally moving to San Diego where I've been since.  It's a beautiful city with great people.

I'll probably end up staying here even though I talk a lot about wanting to leave.  Sometimes there's need for a change.

I currently work for the GAP in Fashion Valley mall, the best clothing store around with the greatest discounts for their employees, although lately they been changing a few policies on us that we aren't very happy about.  

I'm currently attending San Diego City College with a plan to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, majoring in Liberal Studies and becoming an elementary school teacher, preferably teaching 3rd grade.  I know that I've been lagging, but I'm doing my best. I'm getting old, so I need to hurry my ass up.

I can honestly say that I've been around.  Around as in been to many different places.  Not as many as I'd like, but more than others.   I can thank that to my boyfriend, Raymond, who's currently in the Air Force.

Right now I'm just enjoying life.  I lost a really dear friend this year and it's makes you not want to take life for granted and I'm trying not to do that.  It makes you realize how precious life and time is, why spend it fighting?  Live it up! 

A few simple pics of me...

  Me at the Chinese Mann Theater in Hollywood (April 2002)   Me just posing  in front of a nice fountain that you can hardly see.  
Me on the balcony of the hotel roomat night in Panama City Beach, FL.  (April 2001) In front of Belfort Mansion, the old Real World house in New Orleans. In front of the fountain in New Orleans. On my 22nd B-day at Shabu-Shabu. Having my first Adios MF.

Me on the balcony of the hotel room during the day in Panama City Beach, FL.  (April 2001)

At Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, FL At Spinnakers in Panama City Beach, FL  

My life with: GAP | PADRES

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Personal Info Family Raymond and Me Pictures Friends Links Guestbook