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Here are a few pictures of me and friends who are truly dear to me.

Iris, Herman, me, Teddy and JoAnn at Nibon.  (Jan 2001)

A picture from back in the days.  This was our last day of high school.  I still remember those days back in Ms. Duran's  6th per. English class.

Chris and Berto just chillin' after a few drinks at Dave N Busters. (March 2001)
Another picture of when Herman was in town.  This was taken in front of the Hyatt in Downtown. (Jan 2001)
Marvin, Reuben, Chris, me, Berto and Heather at Dave N Busters celebrating my 21st birthday.   (March 2001)


Ray and me with a few friends from the GAP at BJ's.  (April 2000)

Me, Ray, Hai Dong and Lorie at Ray's graduation.  (May 2000)

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author:  Esther Sales   


Copyright: May 2001