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Here are some pretty cool people that I have been very lucky to get to know...  

Damean Alexander - a dear friend who I met working at the GAP whom I've had great times with and also gives great massages. (picture)
Loella Alcomendas - my dear cousin whom I've known my whole life and knows me better than I know myself. (pictures)
Mariano Banola - A distant cousin I met back when I went to the Philippines back in 2000. 
Jason Bilbaeno - a very sweet friend who knows that if he ever needs anyone to talk to, I'm just a phone call away and by the way is single =). (picture)

no pic available yet

Melvin Camaclang - a dear friend from high school whom I miss dearly and who I always seem to catch at a bad time.
Reuben Carpizo - a great friend who I was lucky to have known.  Although he may not be with us physically, he'll always be with me in my heart.  Rest in peace my friend, you truly will be missed. (pictures)
 Roberto Castro - not only an old poss, but also my dear friend.  Always gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed one.   (picture)
LT Raymond Cendana  - My love and my best friend. What can I say about the best thing that has ever happened to me. The one who has taught me that some things are worth waiting for. (pictures)  
Heather Dahl a dear friend who I met working for the Padres and shared some great times with.  An ex-Ben Davis lover and current Ryan Klesko lover. Graduated from USD last spring with a degree in Communications and STILl waiting to get out into the real world. (pictures)
Helen Enciso - "Trolley Queen"  The only person I know who gets hit on because of her feet. We had some great times at SDCC while she was living in San Diego, but then moved back up to Long Beach. John's younger sister. (pictures)
 John Enciso - my future cousin in-law and Helen's older brother.
  Chris Franco -the one who hooked me up with my job with the Padres.  Seems to have all the luck with the ladies (sometimes that's not such a good thing).
LT Raniel Hidalgo - a real crazy guy living it up in Boston.  One of Ray's best friends. (pictures)
Jakob Holland - my GAP bro who always seems to make me laugh no matter how miserable I might be feeling. (picture)
Jason Hugo,  - a really sweet guy who doesn't give up very easily.  Check out his site, it's pretty cool.
Shirley Ignacio - Raymond's very best friend and I consider her a really good friend of mine as well.  One of the most caring people  I know.  Soon to be Mrs. Allan De Leon. =) Congrats Shirl!!! (pictures)
Chastity Lyn Inocentio - one of the few "cousins" who I actually enjoy being around. (picture)
Sonny Jenkins - a dearly missed friend from the GAP.  
Rolden Jay "RJ" Lozada - a very dear friend from high school.  Was there for me through all my drama with whoever. Currently attending UCSD.  (picture)
Paula Miranda  - a dear friend and co-worker with a kind heart.  (pictures)
Carlos Nunez - a great guy and ex-roommate, currently in the Army Chemical Corps and trying to live it up in Japan. 
Abraham Padilla - a dear friend with a good heart.  Always there when I need someone to bitch at and never judges.  One of the few good guys out there, that's why I decided to hook him up with my best friend, Iris. (pictures)

Iris Quisumbing -my best friend in the world.  We've been through so much and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.  A nurse and a forever friend.  (pictures)

Stephanie Rabang - another dear friend and co-worker "aka" my partner in crime.  We've had some great times, one's that I'll never forget. (pictures)

no pic available yet

Mike Rabosa - one of the funniest and sweetest guys I know. (pictures)
Marvin Randall - the only guy I know who seems to know "everything" about economics. Currently living up in LA and traveling like crazy making the big $$$$.
Maria Fatima "Phada" Roberts - - a dearly missed friend whom I've known since kindergarden and actually still keep in touch with after all these years. One of the craziest people I know. Currently in the Air Force living in Tucson, AZ. (pictures)
Herman Rodriguez - a dear friend from HS and one of the sweetest guys I know, who has had the worst luck with women, until now. Met a great girl named Sandy and is the happiest he's been in a while. Currently in the Air Force stationed at Offutt AFB in Nebraska.  (pictures)

Raymund Soliman ,  - a dearly missed friend who recently just moved back to SoCal from Chicago.   (picture)

*Sorry if I forgot anyone, if I did, go ahead and email me and I'll be sure to get you on here.

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Personal Info Family Raymond and Me Pictures Friends Links Guestbook