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Here a some pretty cool sites to check out.  Actually, they are a few of my favorites.

They have the best clothes and the greatest discounts for their employees.  Yes, I'm talking about GAP.  I should know, I've been working for them on and off for about 2 years now.  Not to mention, that's where I met my sweetie. 

The San Diego Padres Baseball Club.  My second employer with the greatest bunch people to work with.  This will be me 3rd season with them.

Warner Bros. created my favorite cartoon character, Tweety.  They also created one of my favorite shows, Dawson's Creek.

The two other parts of GAP Inc.  Old Navy and Banana Republic.

The best movie theaters AMC.

The best way to fly, Southwest Airlines, not to mention great prices.

Been with the SDCCD for a couple of years. Can't wait to finally get out.

My dear "HOMIE" Butch.  Makes the best cinnamon rolls. Go check him out. The BEST doughnuts in the world.  Krispy Kreme.

author:  Esther Sales   


Copyright: May 2001