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Welcome to our collection of pages.  Here we have some photos for your perusal, links to websites that we think are neat-o, a little memoir about us, and cutesy drawings (mostly depicting sea creatures for some odd reason...) strewn about.

03.03.2003 - First update in 3 years! Shelly's Korean Chicken recipe!

04.26.2000 - An update!?  This is cause for celebration!

02.29.2000 - Added the Barry Pepper bit. This site still hasn't got any hits. Shikataganai!

02.23.2000 - Updated Shelly's links.

02.22.2000 - Added the bits section and updated the links section.  Discontinuing the lynx version due to laziness.

02.19.2000 - Had some problems with the Guestworld guestbook, so i got a new one from Dreambook, only one entry was lost.  Added a couple links too.

Top 10 Finger Foods
1.   Won Ton
2.   Shelly's Korean Chicken Wings
3.   California Rolls
4.   Shrimp Tempura
5.   Taquitos
6.   Dwarf Pizzas
7.   Curly Fries
8.   Stuffed Jalepenos
9.   Spam Musubi
10. Popcorn Chicken
We Have Bits
Carp that fly!?  What is the meaning of this!?
Private Jackson from "Saving Private Ryan"
Guard Dean Stanton from "The Green Mile"...WE MET HIM - WE TOUCHED HIM! =)
"My, that's some abdomen you have."
A close encounter with a venomous spider.