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updated: 8-25-03
Charm Club Page Updated
Someone took the challenge! Visit PVHS Color Guard 2003-04

Tall Flags and Rifles
Both National Champions!
(May 18, 2002 at Raging Waters)

7-2-02: Guess what everyone! I graduated! That means that I'm not longer a member of the PVHS Color Guard, although I will always be a member at heart, so I will no longer be making anymore journals, nor will I be making anymore profiles...So, in essence, the updating of info might not stay but certain things will be updated such as the Charm Club pages as well as the Awards/Rings page. I'll also be working on my brand new page DGrendel's Lil Resting Place if you'd like to check it out. Hopefully I will have a link for a new PVHS Color Guard Homepage, should one of the members decide to take the challenge *grins* Thanks for all the support and good luck in all you do.

01-02 CG Co-Captain

Check Out Pix From the 2002 Indio Date Festival!

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Hey-lo there! I'm Ashlynn and I guess since I'm making this that makes me the spokesperson for the PVHS Color Guard! *giggles*

Here's a low-down of what we are. We are drill/flags. If ya dont know what that means, drill is sharp hand moving such as high-V low-V and stuff. Flags are those big colorful things being waved around the field during that halftime show ya never watch at high school football games.

If you want a more "technical" view of color guard and what it is, Just Check Out The Official PVHS Wildcat Brigade Website!

Wanna know about the stuff happening As it Happens with us? Just go to our 01-02 Fieldshow Journal or the New 01-02 Winter Guard Journal!


A cute thank you from Debbie

Click here to read about past events

Come check out the trophies we've won since the 99-00 school year

There are 14 girls and one guy on our team this year. If you would like to know more about them and see some pix just click on one of the logos below.

Robert (rifle line) BrandyBreanne
Mindy JamieJessica M.
Charis (p&s)Kristen (p&s)Malissa (p&s)
Eliza (p&s)Amy (p&s)Cristy (p&s)

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